Chogiwa [ 촉이 와 ] is the first words from the first lyric line of EXO’s Wolf. Chogiwa is referred to 촉이 와 단번에 느껴 which has literal meaning “I feel it at once”.

However, among EXO-L (EXO’s fandom), Chogiwa became a meme and Chanyeol took credit for it. This word is like a secret code among fans and they use it like a signal to call out for EXO-L in the radar because anyone who knows the word will know that you are an EXO-L or fans of EXO.

Chogiwa comes from that fact that when you heard about this website, you will know that you are in your radar. Chogiwa will cover anything related to Korea, from KPop, Korean Drama, Korean Fashion Style, and Recent Events.

You will be updated with the most recent issues and stories from your favourite KPop idols, actors and actresses. You will be informed with the hottest events such as concerts, movie or drama premieres, newest KPop group debut, new released MVs, collaborations and many more.

“I feel it at once” is the tagline of this website because just by visiting this website you will feel it at once, anything you need to know will be available and any facts you curious of will be reliable.

Thanks for your visit and we would like to hear from you, if there are any critics, suggestions or chance to work together, feel free to contact us.

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