Sehun EXO and Jisoo Blackpink Are A Couple?

Chogiwa – Sehun EXO and Jisoo Blackpink are a couple of models who have been announced to be part of Pasha de Cartier’s digital project.

This digital project is one of the most prestigious projects because this project is not only presenting the new product line of Pasha de Cartier but also will include JTCB Plus and ELLE Korea.

After some hints and codes Elle Korea finally released a short teaser of Jisoo Blackpink wearing a luxury watch from Pasha de Cartier in September 8th. Then followed by the complete teaser and series of beautiful photo shots of Jisoo in YCH Cutout buttoned blazer.

In September 15th, ELLE Korea continued making announcement for the next male model who will become Jisoo’s partner in this project. A short teaser revealing Sehun EXO, also wearing luxury watch from Pasha de Cartier has been posted that make fans super excited.

The visuals of both Sehun EXO and Jisoo Blackpink are not a joke. In EXO, Sehun is well known as the member with the strongest visual while Jisoo has been well known for her natural beauty that fits best the beauty standard in Korea. No one will argue that Sehun and Jisoo visual are a full-package.

However, visual is not the only criteria or main reason why Sehun and Jisoo were chosen at the first place. According to ELLE Korea they real reason is because both of them represent the Millennial Generation of South Korea or well known as MZ Generation Korea.

sehun exo
IMG Source : Elle Korea IG

ELLE Korea also stated that the full series of Sehun’s photos will be released in September 18th.

Pasha de Cartier is an international brand from France which has been designing, manufacturing and distributing high quality, luxury jewelleries and watches. This brand is Initially founded in Paris in 1847 by Louis-Francois Cartier, Pasha de Cartier became one of the brands among prestigious jewelleries companies in the world.

So being the new faces of this brand is extremely prestigious especially for both Sehun and Jisoo.

jisoo blackpink
IMG Source : Elle Korea IG

Pasha de Cartier digital project is not only important for Jisoo and Sehun especially for their career but also for their fans.

Both of their fans are really excited about the progress of the project. This digital project is probably one of the most highly anticipated projects for both fans of Sehun and Jisoo. Fans are starting to wonder whether both Sehun and Jisoo will appear in the same video teaser or not.

So far, there is no hint about this but one thing for sure, the model who will join this digital project is not only Sehun and Jisoo.

ELLE Korea gave some hints that there will be one more new face who will join the project, though they still keep it as a little secret for now. However, it is obvious that the next model is also a public figure or entertainer who also comes from the same MZ Generation of South Korea.

Who is he/she? No one knows for now but this project will become a full package of visuals.

So, just keep yourself update.

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