EXO-L Indonesia Celebrates Happy Chen Day

Exo-L Indonesia

Chogiwa – A day late but didn’t reduce the happiness of EXO-L Indonesia in celebrating the most important day of EXO’s Chen.

Yesterday, September 21st was Chen’s birthday and early in the morning, hastags like #HappyChenDay #AngelChenDay #HappyBirthdayJongdae became the trending in Twitter. EXO-L around the world have been working really hard to make some projects to support Chen, and no exception for EXO-L from Indonesia.

exo chen birthday

Through a Whatapp group, several EXO-L from every corners of Indonesia joined a big project called Project Chen, Indonesia Celebrates Happy Chen Day where all of them, though came from different provinces were together designing a concept that enables them to appear in one screen singing one of the Chen’s hit single “Everytime” from Descendent of the Sun’s OST.

There are at least 14 EXO-Ls came from 13 cities and 11 provinces of Indonesia has joined this project such as from Ketapang and Sanggau (West Kalimantan), Subang (West Java), Mataram (West Nusa Tenggara), Badung (Bali), Probolinggu (East Java), Kudus (East Java), Tanjung (South Kalimantan), Palembang (South Sumatera), Banda Aceh (Aceh), Bengkulu, Bima (West Nusta Tenggara), Temanggung (Central Java).


It wasn’t easy for them all because each of them has their own activities, some of them are still in school, more of them are in college, even some of them should spare their precious time just to participating in this project.

Chen is one of the EXO’s member who was lately receiving a lot of attention because he just became a father of a beautiful baby daughter. He married a non-celebrity girlfriend who he has been in relationship for some times.

I’ve been into K-Pop for over a decade now and been into Korean drama for almost two decades. So, there is a cultural gap between Korean culture and Indonesia culture. One of the big gaps that most Indonesian fans don’t understand is in K-Pop when an idol has a girlfriend, in a relationship or even getting married, it could affect their career negatively because there must be some fans that decided to leave them or worse become an anti-fans.

It is something that totally different in Indonesia, when an actor or actress was in a relationship or getting married, Indonesia fans will form a fansbase for the couple in order to support them.

Due to his new status, Chen received hates and even there are groups that dedicated themselves to band Chen from EXO.

However, EXO-L around the world always support every single member of EXO with no exception. Because for EXO-L, We Are One EXO and they even have ‘Promise’, the song that Chen along with other members, Chanyeol and Lay wrote by themselves. They dedicated that song for their fans that they will always be EXO, they would never leave EXO.

The song ‘Promise’ is a solid stamp that no matter what, EXO will stay together in a long time because both EXO and EXO-L have a promise to keep.

One thing for sure, EXO-L always support Chen.

Happy Birthday Kim Jongdae, Happy Birthday Chen. We Are One. EXO Saranghaja.