EXO Members Greet for Chuseok Holiday and Kyungsoo Became Trending in Twitter

EXO Members Greet for Chuseok Holiday

Chogiwa – Chuseok holiday in 2020 falls on Wednesday, September 30th. Eight EXO members greet for Chuseok holiday to their fans through Lysn wish them happy Chuseok day and Kyungsoo became trending in Twitter.

Among EXO members, Kyungsoo or well known for his stage name D.O is the only member with no social media account. While Baekhyun is super active in Twitter, Chanyeol, Kai, Sehun, Suho, Xiumin and Lay are often sharing their activity in Instagram and even Chen has his own YouTube channel, but nothing for Kyungsoo. That is why, when he also greeted his fans with his own Lysn account, fans became super excited because finally they could hear something from Kyungsoo who is now serving in military.

Speaking of Chuseok holiday, a lot of non-Korean people are wondering why this day is special until all EXO members greet for Chuseok holiday in Lysn just to wish their fans a happy Chuseok day.

Chuseok holiday is known as the most important festive holiday of the year in Korea. In Western culture especially American culture, Chuseok holiday similar to Thanksgiving Day.

Chuseok itself has literal meaning ‘Autumn Eve’ which is celebrated in both South and North Korea. Just like Thanksgiving Day, Chuseok is also a festival to celebrate the good harvest. So, one of the main agenda during this holiday is feasting for Korean traditional food.

Traditionally, Chuseok day is also the time for most Korean to travel back to their hometown to celebrate the holiday with family enjoying food festive at home and paying respect to the spirits of the ancestors.

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However, during pandemic of Covid-19, most people prefer to stay at home or spend their Chuseok holiday without traveling back to their hometown.

Some EXO members greet for Chuseok day by giving important messages to their fans. Such as Chen and Kyungsoo even added message to remind their fans to always wear mask when getting out. Due to that Kyungsoo became trending in Twitter just by updating his very first status in Lysn account.

Xiumin and Suho wished their fans to always stay healthy and don’t catch a cold because weather is getting cooler.

Kai, Baekhyun and Chanyeol greeted their fans by reminding them to have a good time enjoying a lot of Chuseok delicious foods. Baekhyun reminded their fans to not eat too much while Kai said otherwise, told their fans to eat a lot without worrying during the holiday.

The maknae, Sehun also greeted their fans by wishing them a fun and safe holiday. All of them practically, using this important day of the year to greet their fans who have been waiting for them. While Suho, who just started his military service last May, said that he is doing well in military and D.O who is about to enjoy his public life back this January 2021, emphasized that he only has a bit time left in military, which means he will greet their fans soon.

There are a lot of people been wondering why Kyungsoo or D.O decided to serve military earlier though he still has some time before he reached 30. Well, it is probably because he will have a movie project right after his discharge from the military.

Though there is still no official statement regarding this matter but it is probably one of the most reasonable reason why Kyungsoo decided to serve the military earlier and besides, of course, preparing the EXO comeback in 2025.