Dita Karang Spends Her Chuseok Holiday Practicing

Dita Karang Chuseok Holiday

Chogiwa – Chuseok holiday is probably the most important holiday festive in both North and South Korea. This holiday is normally celebrated during the autumn equinox and in 2020, Chuseok holiday falls on September 30th.

In traditional way, most Korean will travel back to their hometown to celebrate Chuseok holiday with their family because this festive is quite similar with Thanksgiving Day in western country which is celebrated for good harvest.

Dita Karang is from Indonesia and she is the first Indonesian who debuted as idol in South Korea with a Secret Number, a girl group under Vine Entertainment. Fans have been wondering about how Dita Karang spends her Chuseok holiday as a foreign idol.

Dita has been living in South Korea for some times, so Chuseok holiday this year is not her first time but this year is the first year of Chuseok holiday for Dita as an idol. Secret Number just debuted last May with their title track ‘Who Dis?’ and Dita’s role in the group is as a main dancer.

Dita’s career began as a trainee after she graduated from America Musical and Dramatic Academy in 2017 when she was just 21 years old and then she moved to South Korea to pursue her dream to be an idol.

Dita shared her experience about how a Dita Karang spends her Chuseok holiday. She said that usually she had some free time during Chuseok holiday in the past years. She shared her experience spending Chuseok holiday last year with her group mate Lea, who just like her a foreign idol but Lea comes from Japan. Last year they spent their holiday in Dongmyo Market but when they tried to find a café, most places were closed at that time.

When E-Daily Star Reporter Kim Hyun-sik asked Dita about her plan of how a Dita Karang spends her Chuseok holiday this year. Dita stated that she doesn’t have time to celebrate Chuseok this year because she will be busy practicing because Secret Number is at present really busy preparing their next album.

dita karang holiday

Though Dita should practice during Chuseok holiday and might not have a chance to have a vacation but she didn’t feel disappointed at all because she knows her priority is with Secret Number.

However, Dita also added that if she has a chance to celebrate Chuseok holiday in the future, she would love to try wearing hanbok and take a group photo with her members.

In the same interview, Dita also wished everyone to stay strong and take care of their health during this pandemic of Covid-19. She also made a wish that she will continue promoting with Secret Number in a very long time.

Dita Karang is among foreign idols who should stay in South Korea during Chuseok holiday because due to pandemic, they cannot travel abroad. However, though she cannot celebrate the holiday like most of the people, Dita is happy enough to be able experiencing Chuseok holiday with her group mates who most of them are also foreigners such as Lea from Japan, while Jinny and Denise are Korean-American. Only Soodam is a Korean.