Aespa’s Winter Loves Wearing White

Chogiwa – Fans have spotted that Aespa’s Winter loves wearing white. Even in one interview she stated that white color represents her best.

OOTD Inspired by Aespa’s Winter

For you who also loves wearing white. Below are some outif of the day inspiration from Aespa’s Winter who is well known for her cuteness and simple choice of outfit.

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#1 Crop-Top Pocket Shirt from Gateless

Aespa’s Winter fashion outfit is probably one of the most waiting for. White shirt always represents formality but Winter chose Pocket Shirt from Gateless which has unusual but unique design. She combined the white shirt with wide cutting pants and a moon cut out bag from Givenchy. Those combinations are simple at a glance but stunning as hell.

Image Source: IG @aespastyes

#2 Let’s Go All White Like Winter

Who said that going all white will make you look plain? Aespa’s Winter has proved that wrong. In one occasion she was spotted wearing all white. Starting from broken white wide denim jeans she wears, up to simple crop tanktop, white bag and white mask. Simple but super stylist.

#3 Elegant Shirt Dress in Knit Vest

Image Source: IG @aespastyles

Wearing vest is not always nerdy. Aespa’s Winter who loves wearing white combining an ellegant Lace Cotton Shirt Dress from Maje with Zara’s broken white knit vest. The result is beautiful, elegant, classic and at the same time is still super fashionable.

When AESPA was introduced for the first time back in 2020, Winter was the first member that revealed then followed by the rest of the members. Since then, her popularity is rocketing. Her fashion choice is surely one of the things that mostly discussed. Aside from that, whether Winter is wearing white or not, she has proven that she is not only stunning but also super talented.