Sugary Fashion Treats from Blackpink and Selena Gomez’s Ice Cream

Blackpink fashion style

Chogiwa – Blackpink once again charmed their fans around the world with their newest MV featuring Selena Gomez entitled Ice Cream. The concept is really cute with some throwbacks to “clueless” time, retro looks and classic outfits that somehow matched the summer vibes they want to bring with the song.

For you who are savouring to their sugary fashion treat, here we are presenting you with the scoop of fashion outfits from Ice Cream anyone ready to dive for.

#1. Cute Retro Look from Selena Gomez

Cute Retro selena gomez

The first thing you notice from the MV is when Selena Gomez driving the ice cream truck looks nothing but really cool with her retro looks from Shoshanna’s; a matching red striped bikini top and high-waisted buttoned bottom.

The white sailor hat is just super iconic combined with golden hoop earrings from Jennifer Fisher that will make you scream ‘sexy’.

#2. Blackpink in White Vanilla Flavour

Blackpink fashion style

And then Blackpink offers you the look of ice cream vanilla flavour with sprinkles. Well if you don’t know how vanilla flavour looks like, just look at them.

Lisa looks nothing but super cool with her white buckled from Namilia top and “Phillies” jeans. Floral corset, black hot pants and cap from Dior are super fit for Jisoo.

While Jennie is dressing in fluffy organza crop top from Lirika Matoshi, Rose is looks super beautiful with her sugary look ponytail hair and Dalmatian-print corset from Ashley Williams.

#3. Lounges Time with Jennie

Lounges Time with Jennie

Enjoying ice cream is never complete without sun bathing and Jennie gives you an idea of lounges in the most iconic fashion outifs. The colourful gown from GCDS is enough to brightening your summer.

#4. Sporty-Look but Sexy Selena

Sporty-Look but Sexy Selena

There is no one can complain how sexy Selena looks like in simple sporty black bodysuit Puma romper. Well, of course it is not complete without the classy look from the translucent green plastic visor she’s wearing while enjoying a cone of ice cream. It is just perfect.

#5. Summer is Not Complete without Sleepover Party with Blackpink

Summer is Not Complete without Sleepover Party with Blackpink

From vanilla flavour, here comes the strawberry ice cream flavour in sleepover theme to add more summer vibes when Jisoo and Jennie are literally in pink and of course some “clueless” throwbacks when Rose is wearing the iconic yellow plaid mesh set from Why Not Us and then Lisa in her simple but classy baby blue top.

#6. Ice Queen in Polka-dot

Ice Queen in Polka-dot

It’s like literary no one but Selene Gomez who looks super cheerful when wearing the combination of orange polka-dot crop top and blue polka-dot short. It’s totally going to be a new trend for this summer.

#7. Chanel and Dior on Tennis Court

Chanel and Dior on Tennis Court

Blackpink is well known for their high taste of branded accessories. This time, while wearing simple tennis skirts, they were sparklingly accessorized by Chanel and Dior.

#8. Summer? Let’s Wear Romper

Summer Lets Wear Romper

It’s Selena’s turn to look super classy in once again, a retro style, which you could spot from her yellow romper from LeRumi and HVN’s rainbow hoops.

#9. Blackpink in Black and White

Blackpink in Black and White

Why not put something black and white in this cheerful and flavorous theme? You could see the classic theme from the outfits, Jisoo is wearing black leather-trimmed while Jennie is totally adorable in boater hat.

#10. Hello Grandma’s Crochet

Hello Grandma’s Crochet

Last but not least, only in collaboration MV of Blackpink and Selena Gomez, you could see wearing grandma’s crochet in chick style. When it comes to crochet, Fluffy has everything you need from bright look of Rose’s yellow green top up to Lisa’s cute black little skirt.

Aside from the sugary fashion treats from Blackpink and Selena Gomez, the music itself is enough to accompany you chilling out and enjoying your summer vibes.