SuperM Elle’s October Issue Brings Warmth to Your Winter

superM elle fashion
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Chogiwa – SuperM is undoubtedly one of the boy groups with very strong visuals. Elle Korea just revealed some mesmerizing photos of SuperM members in a group and single shots as hint of how hot their October issue will become.

There will be eight unique covers for Elle Korea October Issue, one is a feature cover of SuperM as group and the rest is seven feature covers from each member. Fans will be charmed by the visuals of each member such as Kai, Baekhyun, Taemin, Mark, Ten, Lucas and Taeyong.

The Elle Korea October issue will also become the very first pictorial of SuperM in domestic scope because recently all their promotions were conducted abroad, especially in the US. Thus, just make fans not only domestic fans but also worldwide fans even more excited.

In the October Issue, readers will be presented with an exclusive interview of SuperM including all the achievements, plans and dreams they intend to have after their full-packed debut album Super One is fully released this September 25th.

Super One is one of the most highly anticipated debut albums this year. After their successful EP last year with title track Jopping. Worldwide fans have been expecting a huge comeback from SuperM and they did comeback huge even much better than expected.

Though so far there is no history has been remade yet, but SuperM has been working really hard and everyone, literally everyone, are well-satisfied with their comeback. Their title track Tiget Inside has a really unique and strong concept with oriental theme that emphasize the Asian root they really want to present in the song.

Moreover, Tiger Inside has astonishing lyrics that even more fits with all the craziness we have been facing lately. SuperM has successfully brought out all the craziness inside and make people roared and released their pains. To leave some spaces so we could take a deep breathe and feel all the relieves.

Anyway, as teasers before the issue is officially launched next month below are the hints why Elle Korea October Issue is one of the issues worth waiting for.

SuperM Taemin

superm taemin elle
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Taemin looks really cool and so stylist with collection from Polo Ralph Lauren.

SuperM Baekhyun

superm baekhyun elle
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Bad boy’s look but fully styled fits with Baekhyun’s image in astonishing collection of Burberry.

SuperM Kai

superm kai elle
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There is no better option for Kai to look super style in winter but Gucci.

SuperM Taeyong

superM taeyong elle
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Who could beat the fashionable look of Taeyong in Prada?

SuperM Ten

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Giving the vibe of the perfect dinner mate, Ten looks simply adorable in Saint Laurent collection.

SuperM Mark

superm mark elle
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Are you ready to have some times in winter wonderland? Mark is ready to accompany you while he dressed so manly in Dior.

SuperM Lucas

superm lukas elle
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Wearing black during winter? Well, Lucas has better option when he choses some winter collection of Fendi.

SuperM will comeback with their full-packed debut album this September 25th. The Elle Korea October issue will cover complete comeback issues from SuperM including their two already released songs and MV 100 and Tiger Inside.

Nevertheless, Elle Korea October Issue is like a warm welcome for SuperM after their busy schedule abroad especially in the US.

So, don’t miss Elle Korea October Issue because it will definitely bring warmth to your winter.