When EXO Talks Fashion

Chogiwa – K-Pop industry is a package complete of entertainment sources and the look of the idols, actress, actors and all the talents have prominent role in this industry. Because for idols, public image is as important as their talent.

South Korea well known for its high beauty standard but it is still not enough. That is why fashion will make that look even more outstanding. Fashion even provides solution to make standard look becomes much well-appraised.

That is why there are a lot of international brands are starting to embrace this industry because K-Pop industry promises them opportunity to spread their business in Asia market. 

One of their ways to do that is by choosing a special ambassador to represent their product line in Asia market. There are thousands of idols available for them to choose but of course, only those with the best reputation, outstanding image and has ‘the look’ that fits with their brand will be chosen because those idols will be the face and image of the brand.

EXO is one of the South Korea boy group which every member has ‘visual’ that fits with any fashion brand.

Kai – Gucci Boy

kai gucci

Kai is well known to be the Gucci Boy because he has been chosen as Gucci ambassador in 2019, since then he is actively contributing and attending all Gucci’s events around the world. Gucci itself is one of the most prestigious fashion brands in the world and Kai is the very first South Korean male idol who have been chosen to be their ambassador.

Kai has the classic image that fits with Gucci line of product. He has the timeless look and perfect visuals. Not only that, Kai is also well known as idol of idols because most of trainees want to be like him, a dedicated idol who is also one of the greatest dancers in K-Pop industry.

Baekhyun – Burberry Face

baekhyun Burberry Face

Baekhyun looks so great during photo shoot for Elle Korea where he wore Burberry new line product. It is like a hint that both Baekhyun and Burberry will have a lot of projects together in the future.

Not long after that, on September 17th, Harper’s Bazaar also released their pictorial for October Issue showing Baekhyun wearing the same brand and this time he posed as the Burberry Ambassador.

Burberry itself is a British luxury fashion house established since 1856 by Thomas Burberry. This brand is well known for its plaids pattern design and Baekhyun will be their new face representing the face of South Korea and K-Pop.

Baekhyun will be the first male idol of K-Pop who have solo photoshoot with Harper’s Bazaar collaborating with Burberry.

Chanyeol – Prada Talent

Chanyeol – Prada Talent

After Baekhyun, another good news came from Chanyeol. In the same day as Baekhyun was announced to be the next face of Burberry, an editorial from Vogue also been released representing Chanyeol EXO and Irene Red Velvet as the new ambassadors for Italian luxury fashion brand, Prada.

Chanyeol is well known as one of the multi-talented idols from EXO. He is so into music, he could sing, rap, play several music instruments, write and produce music. He also acted in several hit dramas and movie. Being an ambassador of Prada is actually the next big step to open an even brighter career for Chanyeol as entertainer in the future.

Sehun – Pasha de Cartier Visual

Sehun – Pasha de Cartier Visual

The maknae of EXO always surprises everyone with his talents and visual. Sehun has been announced to be the part of digital project of Pasha de Cartier where some big names also involved such as JTBC Plus and Elle Korea.

Sehun will be the visual of Pasha de Cartier together with Jisso Blackpink. Elle Korea has released some pictures and teaser videos of both Sehun and Jisso but fans are still waiting for the surprises whether both of them will appear in the same video teaser for this project.

When EXO talks fashion, they would never do it half-way. Being the talent, face and visual of an international brand is a prestigious job that proof them are not only professional but also fit with the image of the brand itself. They will represent South Korea and K-Pop to international market.

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