Taeyeon SNSD Shares Her Beauty Secrets for Flawless Skin

taeyeon snsd beauty secret
Image : Instagram @taeyeon_ss

Chogiwa – Kim Taeyeon who is also well known as Taeyeon SNSD shares her beauty secret for flawless skin. In her 30s surely covering skin flaws are not easy but for Taeyeon, it is just a piece of cake. However, she also warns that following her beauty routine is not as easy as most people think but it is totally worth it.

Source Image : 1stlookmagz

#1 Healthy Skin Started with Healthy Morning Routine

Taeyeon shares her beauty secrets for flawless skin by giving tips to keep skin healthy and a healthy morning routine is a must. The first thing she always do in the morning as soon as she wakes up is taking vitamins. After that she would have a cup of coffee to officially start her day.

#2 Don’t Cover Flaws Skin but Make Your Skin Flawless

The second beauty secret that Taeyeon shares is to not ever cover the flaws skin but instead you should make your skin flawless. She emphasizes the importance of choosing the right skincare.

For her flawless look, she prefers to have semi-matte base makeup. However, don’t apply it too tick, instead blend it well. That is why she mentioned before, it is more important to choose the right skin care to keep skin flawless instead of applying thick makeup to cover the flaws.

#3 Applying Toner and Essence Regularly

Toner and essence are two essential skincare recommended by Taeyeon. Toner has multi-tasking job for skin. Applying toner regularly is another beauty secret she wants to share, because toner is not only applicable before makeup to make makeup stays longer by eliminating the excessive oil from skin but also applicable after makeup, because toner will eliminate makeup perfectly. Applying toner is also a must before applying any skincare routines.

While essence has important role in hydrating the skin and preventing skin from getting dry. Essence also provides nutrients required by skin.

#4 Find the Thing that Makes You Stands Out

In one interview, Taeyeon shares her beauty secrets that everyone should find one thing that makes them standout. For her personally, she is so happy by discovering this side of herself. According to her, her eyebrows are the roof of her face, which is very important. That is why she loves to apply brows mascara to give her eyebrows more texture.

#5 Light Cream to Close the Night Skincare Routine

The last but not least, Taeyeon SNSD shares her beauty secret before she goes to bed. It is as important as the healthy morning routine. For night skincare, she prefers night cream with light texture. She will apply it generously to her skin before bed because she knows perfectly her skin condition and generous amount of night cream is thing she needs if she wants to wake up with glowing and perfectly moisturized skin.

Taeyeon debuted in 2007 with Girls’ Generation, a girl group formed by SM Entertainment. However, not until 2014, she started working on her solo projects and her solo debuted started with I and Why in 2015. Since then her career is just keeping on rising. She also has been contributing in several original soundtrack project which made her won the OST Award from 29th Seoul Music Awards this year. Her last soundtrack project is Kiss Me for drama Do You Like Brahms?.