Bae Suzy’s Fashion Outfits in “Start Up”

bae suzy's fashion outfit

Chogiwa – Have you watch Bae Suzy’s drama Start Up? The drama which is aired for weekend slot has stolen a lot of attention from worldwide viewers, not only because of the amazing lienup of actors and actress but also because of the Bae Suzy’s fashion outfits choice.

The story of Start Up is about a young woman, Seo Dal Mi (Bae Suzy) who works as a contract worker whose life is never easy. However, the choice of Bae Suzy’s fashion outfit in that drama said otherwise.

Well, it is only the story and the choice of fashion in the movie must have nothing to do with the background of the character, however it is still fun to find out that all bags, fashion outfits and accessories that Suzy wore may cost you your arms and legs.

#1 Bae Suzy’s Fashion of Impressive Bag Collection

It is not a surprise when a drama starring Bae Suzy will only using branded stuffs and it can be seen from the first two episodes of Start Up, at least there are five brands of bag have been carrying around by Seo Dal Mi.

Hook Bag from Lanvin

In the beginning of Start Up when Seo Da Mi attending a seminar in Sand Box, she was portrayed as a character who is trying really hard to look professional because just to get the ‘look’ she should using black marker to make her old worn-out shoes look flawless. However, the bag she carries is a small hook bag from Lanvin which cost you a spare of your back account up to $1,395.

Bae Suzy’s Hook Bag from Lanvin

Small Shoulder Bag from Loewe

Second Bae’s Suzy’s fashion outfit that may surprise you is when there is a flashback that shows Seo Dal Mi taking a selfie in the middle of the street, at that time she carries a cute small shoulder bag made of soft calfskin leather which is actually a designer bag from well-known Spanish fashion house Loewe with price $2,250.

Bae Suzy’s Small Shoulder Bag from Loewe

Gancini Hobo Bag from Salvatore Ferragamo

At the end of episode 1 when Seo Dal Mi almost met with Nam Do San (Nam Joo Hyuk), she is standing beautifully carrying a simple and functional black bag which is actually cost $1,390 from Salvataroe Ferragamo.

bae suzy's Gancini Hobo Bag

Lady ABCDIOR Bag from DIOR

Seo Dal Mi as a nobody is attending a fancy networking party. She’s supposed to look out of her place because she was nothing if compared to the whole guests in the party until you saw an iconic piece that Dal Mi carries in the scene which is none other than Lady ABCDIOR bag from DIOR which price is $4,400

bae suzy's Lady ABCDIOR Bag

Vintage Hobo Bag from Hermes

In the scene whereas Won In Jae (Kang Han Na) and Seo Dal Mi (Bae Suzy) are described to have contrast style. In Jae with her elegant choice of bag from Bulgari while Dal Mi prefers a bag which look more functional than In Jae’s but don’t let the look fools you because it is actually a vintage hobo bag from Hermes which estimated prelove price around $1,899.

bae suzy's Vintage Hobo Bag

#2 Bae Suzy’s Fashion Collection of Beautiful Outfit

Not only accessories and bags, the next Bae Suzy’s fashion outfits that may surprise you is the choice of clothes in the first two episodes of drama Start Up because though they look vintage but the price tag will make your jaw dropped.

Combination of A.T.Corner

In the first scene when Seo Dal Mi supposed to look simple because she is just a contract worker with worn-out shoes, instead she looks marvellous due to her choice of fashion outfit, the combination of navy tweed single jacket and mini skirt from A.T.Corner which cost $201 for the jacket only and $106 for the mini skirt.

Bae Suzy's Combination of A.T.Corner
Source: IG Styleofbaesuzy

Simple White Crochet Knit Cardigan from IRO

In a selfie scene, the choice of Bae Suzy’s fashion outfit is really simple. In order for Suzy to look plain, she’s only wearing a simple white crochet knit cardigan which price is not as plain as it looks because the cardigan from IRO cost up to $250.

bae suzy's Simple White Crochet Knit Cardigan

Cable Frinds T-Shirt

Even the simple violet t-shirt that worn by Bae Suzy cost up to $37,7 because it is not as simple as you think because the cute violet t-shirt is actually a designer t-shirt from Kirsh.

bae suzy's Cable Frinds T-Shirt

Cropped Jacket from Gouache

Do you remember when Suzy went on a date and wearing a cropped jacket which looks really casual on her? Well, the price is actually not casual at all because the cropped jacket is from Gouache which cost you your arms and legs $133.33.

bae suzy's Cropped Jacket
Source: IG Styleofbaesuzy

Sky-Blue Striped Hoodie from PARS

The character of Bae Suzy, Seo Dal Mi in Start Up is portrayed as a simple girl which prefer to dress casually. At home, Seo Dal Mi prefers comfortable choice of outfit such as a stripped hoodie with sky blue colour which is branded from PARS and cost up to $78.47.

Bae suzy's Sky-Blue Striped Hoodie
Source:IG Styleofbaesuzy

Birkin Shirt from AVAM

In the scene when Seo Dal Mi being congratulated for her achievement she looks so simple and beautiful wearing a shirt which will be good to wear in any occasion. However, don’t let the look of Bae Suzy’s fashion outfits in this drama fools you because though the design is very simple the shirt is actually from AVAM which cost up to $110.22.

bae suzy's Birkin Shirt
Source: IG Styleofbaesuzy

#3 Bae Suzy’s Fashion and Accessories

Not only from the fashion outfits and the choice of bags, there are also some accessories and gadgets used by character Seo Dal Mi with a jaw-dropped price if you see the price tag.

Samsung Note 10

Bae Suzy’s drama Start Up has become a hot topic among fans worldwide, not only about her acting and the story plot but also everything that used and appeared during the show. Samsung note 10 that is used by Seo Dal Mi character should not match with the background of the character because this cell phone must cost at least $1.099.

bae suzy's Samsung Note 10
Source: IG Baesuzystyle

Blakey Silk Scrunchie in Egret from Ganni

Since we are talking about Bae Suzy’s fashion outfits, let dig more deeper with the accessories choice. Even the hair accessories of Suzy which is not really significant in front of camera is a branded one, a Blakey silk scrunchies in egret from Ganni which cost at least $25.

Bae suzy's Blakey Silk Scrunchie in Egret
Source: IG Styleofbaesuzy

Tank Louise Watch from Cartier

Cartier is a prestigious watch brand which is well-known to be pricy. Well, in one scene, Bae Suzy wears Cartier’s Tank Louise Watch in Pink Gold and leather with estimation price up to $9,900.

bae suzy's Tank Louise Watch
Source: IG Styleofbaesuzy

Check Scrunchies from Ganni

Another accessories from Ganni also worn by Suzy in the same scene when she’s wearing watch from Cartier and simple shirt from AVAM is a check scrunchies from Ganni with similar colour with the rest of Bae Suzy’s fashion outfits in that scene which is cost at least $25 each.

bae suzy's Check Scrunchies
Source: IG Styleofbaesuzy

Anyway, those choice of Bae Suzy’s fashion outfits are only from the first two episodes, there are more episodes of Start Up that will help you spending your weekend with loved ones. The fashion choices are just excellent but the story of the drama is even more excellent, so don’t miss it.