AKMU’s Comeback with “Alien” and “Happening”

AKMU’s Comeback with “Alien” and “Happening”

Chogiwa – Remember when YG Entertainment released the curse poster with the Alien trophy? It was the strong mark of AKMU’s comeback and fans have been super excited to welcome this phenomenal sibling duo’s latest project.

Lee Suhyun’s Solo with Alien

Alien is the first single sang by Lee Suhyun released on October 16th to mark the AKMU’s comeback. Unlike other songs of AKMU, Alien is the first single sang without Lee Changhyuk but it doesn’t mean Suhyun will be a solo because AKMU is always a pair and though Changhyuk is not performing with his sister in Alien, Changhyuk has been contributing in writing and composing the song. So, he is just busy writing and composing more songs for Suhyun to sing because YG has announced that there will be three MVs for AKMU’s comeback in 2020 and Alien is just the first one.

The Meaning of AKMU’s Alien Song

AKMU is one of the musicians considered as a genius because they are not only singing all their songs but they are also contributing to writing, composing, and producing the songs. Since the pre-debut of AKMU, in where they appeared in public for the first time through K-Pop Star Season 2, they have been well known for their amazing skill in writing unique lyrics for their song, started from “Don’t Cross Your Legs” a song written and composed by AKMU and even BoA praised it for the unique lyric.

It is also the same with Alien, aside from the disco and retro trend in KPop which even AKMU cannot avoid, Alien still brought a fresh approach that differs them from other Kpop idols because of the meaning of AKMU’s Alien song. This song is about a girl who has been told by her mother that she is actually an alien with a superpower. Instead of hiding it, she should be super proud of herself for being different. Well, with all the stereotypes and beauty standards that recently became a sociological and psychological problem in South Korea, this song is like fresh air. AKMU is trying to tell the world ‘It’s okay to be different, don’t be afraid and just be proud of it’.

AKMU’s Third Single Happening

AKMU’s Comeback with “Alien” and “Happening”
Source: YG

Just like announce issued by YG, AKMU will release three singles and MVs for their comeback this year and Happening is the second single of AKMU released in exactly one month after Alien, yesterday November 16th.

This time, Lee Changhyuk has comeback with Lee Suhyun, still with their amazing vocals and music. Happening is a broken-hearted song with once again a unique approach and touch that can be clearly seen through the MV. Listening to the lyrics while watching the MV will give you a specific vibe. It seems like you could feel the ‘lost and confusion’ of the lovers who just experienced the post-breakup feeling.

However, instead of using melancholy notes like most of the broken-hearted songs, AKMU started the song with mid-tempo guitar sounds accompanied by melodic intro from both Changhyuk and Suhyun’s vocals.

AKMU’s comeback with Alien and Happening is not just another comeback because this time they are no longer teenagers with amazing talents but grownup adults with even more astonishing vocals and musical skills.