AESPA’s “Black Mamba” Released with A Little Tease of Avatar Concept

Chogiwa – AESPA’s Black Mamba finally released yesterday, November 17th. It has been a while that a rumour about SM will debut a new girl group so there are a lot of people have a high expectation toward AESPA. Could they meet the expectation? Well, as expected, the MV meets all the expectation from the choice of song, visuals, vocals, dances and of course the strong concept.

AESPA’s Black Mamba and Exciting Performance of the Members

All the members of AESPA has their own uniqueness that makes each of them stand out in their own way. Started from Karina who is clearly the visual of all them, has showed her amazing dance skill even since the very beginning of the MV. Since she appeared as the dance partner of EXO Kai in Hyundai’s virtual showcase, the expectation toward her is raising and she proof it that she deserves all the attention just from a single debut MV of AESPA’s Black Mamba. Followed by Ningning with her strong vocal. In the teaser, Ninging has showed off her advance vocal skills with amazing vocal colour which match the vocal signature of SM classic. Then we have both Giselle and Winter with their own amazing talents, though perhaps we have to wait a little longer to explore and discover more about the other two already amazing girls.

AESPA’s Black Mamba Concept

Aespa with avatar concept

SM is well known for their experimental concept and AESPA’s debut started with a strong and memorable concept. Though there are a lot of opinions about the concept is not an original concept and even accused as plagiarism, in my opinion there is no such AI concept that is purely different from one another and in this matter, AESPA’s concept is still released part by part not fully revealed yet. Once the concept is fully introduced, perhaps fans will finally understand what it is.

However, when it comes to the MV, AESPA’s Black Mamba has all the aspects that typical to the present generation. Should we call it as not original as well? Well, of course not, it is just trend that even AESPA cannot avoid. Similar trend with retro look, neon and colourful lights can be seen from several MV of artist released prior to AESPA from the rookie girl group Secret Number’s Got That Boom up to AKMU’s latest project Alien

AESPA’s Black Mamba Has Broke Record for Debut MV

AESPA just debuted with Black Mamba MV yesterday and they already broke a record. It has been confirmed and reported that they broke a record for most views debut MV in which AESPA’s Black Mamba only need 9 hours to reach 10 million views in YouTube, a record that once belonged to TXT debut MV Crown, 10 million views in 13 hours.

AESPA is not a perfect but they debuted with a really strong and memorable performance, surely there are a lot of people expect something more for them. There are also rumours that AESPA will not remain in OT4, there is possibility of the additional member in the future.