EXO’s D.O Interview for the “Proud Soldier” Challenge

EXO’s D.O Interview for “Proud Soldier” Challenge

Chogiwa – Just a couple of days ago Military Manpower Administration released some new photos of EXO’s D.O sits down and ready for an interview. Today, through Military Manpower Administration official YouTube channel released a complete Q&A session with EXO’s D.O interview for the “Proud Solider” with 30 questions and he answered all the questions smoothly.

EXO’s D.O Interview for “Proud Soldier” Challenge

Q: Name?

D.O: Do Kyung Soo

Q: From?

D.O: Capital Mechanized Infantry Division

Q: Rank?

D.O: I’m a sergeant

Q: Position?

D.O: I’m a chef (Cooking King D.O)

Q: What time you wake up in the morning?

D.O: 05:20

Q: When did you get your cooking certificate?

D.O: March 2019

Q: What is your best menu?

D.O: I have no best menu.

Q: If you only can eat one food in a week, what is it?

D.O: Mother’s dishes

Q: Wake up early vs sleep late?

D.O: Getting up early.

Q: What is your personality type?

D.O: Simple

Q: What kind of thing you think a lot these days?

D.O: Discharged

Q: What makes you excited these days?
D.O: Discharged

Q: What do you think before bedtime?

D.O: Nothing.

Q: Is there any food you cannot eat?

D.O: No

Q: What is your favourite flavour of milk?

D.O: White milk.

Q: If you should go to uninhibited island, what is one thing you would bring?

D.O: Water.

Q: Super power do you want to have?

D.O: Nothing.

Q: What is your favourite karaoke song?

D.O: Nothing.

Q: What are your attractive points?

D.O: Nothing.

Q: What kind of dream when you were young?

D.O: Singer, actor ?!

Q: What is your favourite animal?

D.O: Puppy

Q: Soft-boiled vs hard-boiled egg?

D.O: Soft-boiled

Q: What is the most memorable stage?

D.O: EXO’s debut stage.

Q: Which character do you think resembles the most?

D.O: Cheolsu (Crayon Sinchan)

Q: Who was most recently contacted?

D.O: My Members

Q: How to relieve your stress?

D.O: I quickly forget it.

Q: What is your favourite colour?

D.O:  Black colour

Q: What if you express Do Kyung Soo in five letters?

D.O: Just Do Kyung Soo

Q: A word to the fans?

D.O: Thank you

Q: A word to the youth who are about to enlist:

D.O: They can enlist and discharge healthily

Note: English translation by Eka Arifin

All the questions are really interesting and EXO’s D.O answered all the questions calmly and casually. It is a really fun interview to watch because D.O has a specific charm to anyone he talks to.

It also has been confirmed that EXO’s D.O will join the upcoming ‘Proud Soldier’ challenge. The EXO’s D.O interview for the “Proud Soldier” challenge is just one of the series of events that will be officially started on November 23rd. The aim of the event is to raise a sense of pride when serving the military. 

Military Manpower Admission is not only confirming the involvement of EXO’s D.O but also BtoB’s Sungjae. Just like the interview, the video of the ‘Proud Solider’ challenge will be uploaded to the official YouTube channel and Twitter account of Military Manpower Admission.