IU’s GQ Interview Where She Talks about Personal Habits and Career

IU’s GQ Interview Where She Talks about Personal Habits and Career
Source: GQ Korea

Chogiwa – The IU’s GQ Interview with GQ Korea just released yesterday in where IU opened up about her personal habits, musical career, and of course her upcoming project, a new album. IU whose real name is Lee Ji Eun is a South Korean singer and songwriter but also well known as a great actress.

IU Talks about Personal Habits and How She Deals with Insomnia

In some previous interviews, IU has mentioned her sleeping problem several times. She even stated that her song “Knee”, which she wrote, is the representation of how she’s dealing with her insomnia. In the lyric line of “Knee” IU tells the story about what she feels, in where she always feels on guard which makes it difficult to fall asleep.

In IU’s GQ Interview she stated that she doesn’t really know why she always feels on guard. However, since her sleeping problem started in her early 20s, it was the peak of her career. She might think that being on a busy schedule, the pressure to always stay alert and ready to work anytime is the main reason. Without she even realizes it, her body started to adapt to her daily activity and form a specific mechanism that affects her sleeping pattern.

Speaking of “Knee” a song that IU composed based on her own experience with sleeping problems, fans are wondering whether this song is her personal sleeping song. Well, the answer is actually a bit surprising.

In one interview with actress Kang Hanna in Radio Show entitled Volume Up, while fans are listening to “Knee” as a bedtime song what is IU listening to before bedtime? Well, the answer is not “Knee”, instead, she stated and even recommended a song, which is EXO D.O’s “That’s Okay”. This song has been her healing and bedtime song since the massage of the song is really strong. She even cries sometimes listening to the song.

IU’s GQ Interview Where She Talks about Personal Habits and Career
Source: GQ Korea

IU Musical Careers and Upcoming Album

IU debuted in 2007 as a singer when she was only fifteen and since then her career is just getting brighter and brighter. During her career, IU has released four full studio albums and nine EPs with 54 songs were written by herself.

Two months ago, in her official YouTube channel, IU acted as a new employee of EDAM Entertainment spilled the beans about her schedule and upcoming project. When she answered a fan question whether she will hold an online concert or not, she said no but she added, though there is no online concert IU is busy preparing her new album.

During IU’s GQ Interview, IU explained more about her new album. Though the album will be released next year all the concepts have been fixed and it is going to be her last album in her 20s.

This album is the way IU says hello to her fans who have been accompanying her all this time but also the way she welcomes her 30s. She wants her 30s to become a fresh start because it will be different but not in a bad way, instead, it is going to be a great greeting.

Aside from the upcoming album, IU is currently busy with her new movie entitled Dream whereas she will act along with actor Park Seo Joon. Though she has been well known as a great actress and has been acting in several hit dramas such as Dream High, My Mister, and Hotel del Luna, this movie Dream will become her debut movie.