EXO’s Kai MV “Mmmh” Just Released with More Conspirations to Solve

EXO Kai MV Solo debut album Mmmh
Source: SMTown Youtube

Chogiwa – Today, 30 November 2020, EXO’s Kai MV “Mmmh” is finally released. After a series of teaser videos, photos, and short films, the MV is released at 12 PM KST prior to the full-album entitled KAI which will be released later at 6 PM KST.

EXO’s Kai MV “Mmmh” is not only the title track of Kai’s debut album but also becomes the big mark of Kai’s solo career as a singer. All this time, Kai is well known as the main dancer and visual of EXO and always shadowed by Baekhyun, D.O, and Chen whose vocals are considered the best in the Korean music industry.

However today, Kai has proven that he is also a great singer with unique vocal color and his visual and dance skill are among all the best in the Korean entertainment industry. Who could compete for that? So far, none.

EXO’s Kai MV “Mmmh” A Stand-Alone but Outstanding Concept

EXO Kai solo mv mmmh concept album kai
Source: SMTown Youtube

The best thing about EXO’s Kai MV “Mmmh” is that it’s a stand-alone but outstanding concept. A concept that is specifically designed for Kai only as a representation of his character.

If you have been in the KPop industry long enough, you will see there is always a specific trend every year and 2020 is no exception. There was like a scarlet line you could draw from each MVs released recently which has been using retro-like, neon-light, and colorful concepts.

However, it could be seen that Kai’s new MV is not following that trend, at all. Instead, it backs to the root of the EXO concept like 8 years ago which emphasizes the mysterious side of Kai and the superpower concept.

In some scenes of the MV, Kai is using his teleportation superpower as part of the MV plot, which is super cool.

EXO’s Kai MV “Mmmh” Is the Combination of Visual and Talent

As mentioned above that EXO’s Kai MV “Mmmh” is a strong mark of Kai to debut as a singer but of course, the MV also showed up the combination of visual and talent which only Kai could perform.

Since the beginning of the MV fans were provided with amazing visuals of Kai from the branded outfits, sensual dance choreography, mesmerizing vocals, and of course the sexy lyric.

EXO’s Kai MV “Mmmh” is a straight-forward love song with the repetition of the word “Mmmh Mmmh” which is addicting. During the MV, you will start mumbling “Mmmh Mmmh” even without you realizing it because the lyric is so easy-listening.

EXO’s Kai MV “Mmmh” with More Conspirations to Solve

Do you remember when a mysterious symbol appeared in Super M’s MV One which later revealed to be the logo of SM’s newest girl group AESPA? EXO’s Kai MV “Mmmh” also ended with two mysterious logos.

Kai MV Mmmh solo debut d.o xiumin solo logo symbol
Source: SMTown Youtube

In the beginning, fans are starting to speculating about the next conspiration thrown by SM via Kai’s MV. However, thanks to Baekhyun, who earned earnestly the title of the King of Spoiler, he confirmed by himself via his official Twitter account, that those are the power symbols of D.O and Xiumin.

Well, after Baekhyun stated that, fans are starting to realize that the symbols really look similar to the earth symbol of D.O and frost as the symbol of Xiumin. It seems like after Kai, fans will be served with more solos of EXO members and in this matter is D.O and Xiumin.

Thanks to EXO, though the group has been on hiatus since their latest album Obsession in 2019, the members never stop to please their fans with their solo projects. Even this time, after Kai’s solo debut, fans may expect more of EXO since it seems D.O and Xiumin will have projects to release as well in the near future.

Anyway, the last but not least, congratulation for Kai’s solo debut.