EXO’s D.O and Xiumin’s Symbols Appeared in EXO’s Kai MV “Mmmh”

EXO D.O and Xiumin's symbol appeared in Kai MV Mmmh
Source: SMTown Youtube

Chogiwa – Today, November 30th is also well known as EXO’s Kai Hot Debut Day and several hashtags related to Kai’s debut such as #KaiHotDebutDay and #KAI_MmmhOutNow have been trending since early in the morning and stays on top until now.

Aside from the outstanding concept and of course Kai’s talents there is one thing that really attracts the attention of fans around the world, especially EXO-L.

It is also starting the speculation of conspiration just because a potential spoiler found in the MV which is EXO’s DO and Xiumin’s symbols appeared in EXO’s Kai MV “Mmmh”.

SM and Its Hidden Teaser and Spoiler

Do you remember when a mysterious symbol appeared in SuperM’s MV “One”? That symbol later confirmed to be the symbol of AESPA, the newest girl group formed by SM Entertainment after six years they debuted Red Velvet in 2014.

The fact that SM put hidden teasers and spoiler in their artists’ MV is not a new thing. Even back then they have been using this trick to tease fans about the upcoming projects of their artists.

Today, fans just started the speculation toward two symbols that appeared in the last part of EXO’s Kai MV “Mmmh”. The symbols look crazily similar to the symbol of EXO’s D.O and Xiumin.

EXO D.O and Xiumin’s Symbols Appeared in EXO’s Kai MV “Mmmh”

EXO’s D.O and Xiumin’s Symbols Appeared in EXO’s Kai MV “Mmmh”

At the end of EXO’s KAI’s MV “Mmmh” two symbols appeared which so similar to EXO’s D.O and Xiumin’s symbols.

For those who don’t really familiar with what kind of symbols are they. EXO debut in 2012 with a specific concept in where each member has a superpower. D.O’s superpower is strength with earth symbol and Xiumin’s superpower is ice with frost as his symbol.

In EXO’s Kai MV “Mmmh”, we could see Kai uses his teleportation which is his superpower.

Baekhyun Confirmed the Symbols Are Really D.O’s and Xiumin’s

One of the things about EXO is each member is really unique but super supportive to one another. Baekhyun and Sehun are members who well known to be the King of Spoiler.

Their management has given up to stop them from making any spoiler and Baekhyun just did it again. Just a couple of minutes after EXO’s Kai MV “Mmmh” released, Baekhyun twitted “Finally, everyone could see D.O and Xiumin’s superpowers resurrected… creepy.”

Speculation of EXO’s D.O and Xiumin’s Symbols

It is a strong confirmation that the two symbols that appeared in the MV are really D.O and Xiumin’s symbols. The word ‘resurrected’ used by Baekhyun also gives a flashback to Obsession’s teaser in where all the symbols of members are shining brightly but the symbols of D.O, Xiumin, and Lay. It was a sign that in Obsession, EXO came back with only six members without D.O, Xiumin, and Lay.

EXO’s D.O and Xiumin’s Symbols Appeared in EXO’s Kai MV “Mmmh”
Source: SMTown Youtube Obsession Teaser

There are some theories spreading among EXO-Ls regarding the two symbols which look so similar to EXO’s D.O’s symbol which is earth and EXO’s Xiumin which is frost or ice.

  • It is just a strong mark for D.O and Xiumin’s comeback since both of them are about to finish their mandatory military service.
  • It is probably a hint that both D.O and Xiumin will have specific upcoming projects. The project is probably solo albums of D.O and Xiumin since both of them haven’t got a chance yet to have a solo album.
  • If it is not a solo album, the EXO’s D.O and Xiumin symbols appeared in EXO’s Kai MV “Mmmh” is a sign that a new sub-unit is about to be formed.

Actually, there is one more theory spreading among EXO-L. Using Obsession teaser as a reference, when EXO’s D.O and Xiumin’s symbols appeared in EXO’s Kai MV “Mmmh” and resurrected again, there is a possibility for EXO to comeback earlier than expected.

Though Suho and Chen are in their mandatory military service, EXO still has enough members to come back especially if Lay could join them since the Hallyu Ban has been officially removed by China that enables Lay to perform again with EXO.

However, it is still good to be true, besides as what Sehun said, 2020 is the year when finally, each of the members could enjoy some vacations, a breathing space they finally have since their debut in 2012.

Anyway, whatever it is, EXO projects whether it is a solo, sub-unit, or a unit project always became the most highly anticipated ones.