Welcome Home Kyungsoo Trending on Twitter

Welcome Home Kyungsoo Trending on Twitter
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Chogiwa – EXO’s Do Kyungsoo is back. Do Kyungsoo or EXO’s D.O has been reported to get his early discharge from the military today, December 28th. This information has been confirmed by SM Entertainment. Due to his early military discharge, the hashtag Welcome Home Kyungsoo trending on Twitter.

Welcome Home Kyungsoo Trending on Twitter

Today, a picture regulated among fans online that shows D.O finally leaves the military base to celebrate New Year’s vacation at home. To celebrate this event, hashtag Welcome Home Kyungsoo trending on Twitter.

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Since D.O’s mandatory military service will end on January 25th, he probably will enjoy his last days as a soldier at home. He’s not going to not return to the military until he gets back his free citizen status in less than a month.

D.O decided to voluntarily fulfill his mandatory military service in July 2019 though he still has sometimes. In the military, he served as a military chef in Capital Mechanized Infantry Division.

During his service in the military, he also joined a military musical Return: The Promise of the Day. In November, he also joined the Proud Challenge held by the South Korea Military Manpower Administration.

EXO’s D.O Upcoming Project in 2021

D.O is not able to work as an idol or actor until he gets back his free citizen status on January 25th. However, the lineup of projects have been waiting for him. It has been confirmed that EXO D.O will cast in the movie The Moon and probably also Along with the Gods Part 3.

Earlier this December, EXO’s Xiumin also has finished his mandatory military service. In other words, both of them will be able to perform with EXO again in 2021. Though Chen and Suho are currently in the military, EXO has enough members to perform together again.

Welcome Home Kyungsoo trending on Twitter is not a surprise because fans have been anticipating his return sooner or later. The information that Kyungsoo may get an early discharge has been regulating among fans recently.

Kyungsoo’s return is like the late Christmas present but also the best New Year Eve’s presents for EXO-Ls.

EXO’s D.O debuted with EXO in 2012 as a vocalist. He started his acting debut in 2014. First, as a supporting role in the drama It’s Okay, It’s Love, and movie Cart. Since then, his acting career is getting brighter and brighter.

While waiting for D.O’s comeback, you could spend your time by adding the list of EXO’s D.O movie and drama to your watching list.

Welcome home sergeant Do Kyungsoo!