The Best SM’s KPop Group Leaders from the 3rd Generation

The Best SM’s KPop Group Leaders from the 3rd Generation
Image Source: Naver X Dispatch

Chogiwa – Among many questions about KPop group is about “What is the standard of being a high-quality leader?”. I’m not an expert in this field but I probably could help by giving examples of the best SM’s KPop group leaders from the 3rd Generation. Why them? Well, because I know them better than any Kpop group in this industry and SM is among the big three in Korea.

SM Entertainment as One of the Leader Entertainments Companies in Korea

In Korean entertainment industry, SM Entertainment is probably one of the leader entertainments companies in Korea with the best quality of KPop leaders.

The founder of SM Entertainment, Lee Soo Man himself well-known as a cold-handed music producer who responsible for several successful KPop groups. So, it is obvious, the successful KPop groups from SM entertainment must have leaders with certain qualities.

SM’s KPop Group Leader? Who’s the Best?

Here comes the question. What is the main requirement of being a KPop group leader? Some said that it is age, some experience, there are also who said that it is based on talents. Well, let’s found out by knowing a little bit closer of some well-known SM’s KPop group leaders below:

#1 Suho from EXO

The Best SM’s KPop Group Leaders from the 3rd Generation EXO Suho
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Speaking of the 3rd generation KPop group from SM entertainment and then EXO is at the top of the list. Debuted in 2012 makes EXO the first 3rd generation KPop group formed by SM entertainment. EXO’s leader is Suho whose real name is Kim Junmyeon.

Suho is proof that age is not the standard to become one of the SM’s Kpop group leaders. It is because, in EXO, Xiumin is the oldest. However, when it comes to the leader quality, nothing could replace Suho as the leader in EXO.

Suho is well known to be a generous leader to his member but super humbles to others. It can be seen from a lot of events when all EXO members really relied on him in almost everything especially during the hard times.

#2 Irene from Red Velvet

The Best SM’s KPop Group Leaders from the 3rd Generation Red Velvet Irene
Image Source: Naver X Dispatch

Red Velvet is the next 3rd generation Kpop group formed by SM entertainment after EXO. Debuted in 2014, Red Velvet initially consists of four members, Irene, Seulgi, Joy, and Wendy but then later in 2015, Yeri became the additional member for Red Velvet.

Compared to Suho who is well-known to be generous to his members, Irene has a different style of leadership. From the outside, people might see her as a cold leader who doesn’t care for her members. However, it is not true. Irene is everything but that because in fact she really cares about her members.

As mentioned before, the way Irene cares for her members is different from Suho. Instead of showing generosity as Suho did to his members, Irene has a different way of taking care of her members.

In one interview, Irene stated that she is not the kind of person who likes to say general things like “Cheer Up” or “Everything is going to be okay”. Instead, she is the kind of person who will always available for her members. She listens to their problems, sharing her own experience that may help their members but then letting her members decide for themselves. That’s why all the members really respect Irene, she’s more than just a pretty face but she is totally a true leader in her own way.

#3 Taeyong from NCT

The Best SM’s KPop Group Leaders from the 3rd Generation NCT Taeyong
Image Source: Naver X Dispatch

EXO is well-known to be a group with loud members but NCT’s member is not only loud but also a lot. That makes Taeyong’s job as NCT’s leader one of the hardest in the KPop industry. Due to a large number of NCT members, Taeyong has a habit to count the member whenever and wherever to make sure that no one is left behind.

As one of SM’s KPop group leaders, Taeyong should know each of his members personally. Could imagine getting to know people from various background, nationality, and character at the same time? Well, ask Taeyong, he is the master.

For those who don’t really know Tayeong, this guy is all about visuals. However, those who already know him will tell that Taeyong is also super talented. In NCT and SuperM, Taeyong is the main dancer, main rapper. Not only that, but Taeyong also could sing and writing songs.

Among other SM’s idols, Taeyong is probably one of the idols that have the most history of the debut. He debuted with NCT U and then NCT 127, he also included in the 2018 NCT Project, and in 2019 he also part of SuperM.

The most important thing, all NCT members trust him. There are a lot of times when NCT members got confused, they are automatically hovering around Taeyong. It is because they know, Taeyong is the center of NCT. Not only to the members, but Taeyong is also super sweet with NCTzen.

#4 Baekhyun from SuperM

The Best SM’s KPop Group Leaders from the 3rd Generation SuperM EXO Baekhyun
Image Source: Naver X Dispatch

Baekhyun as the leader of SuperM is more like a bonus for this article. SuperM will be okay even without a leader but Baekhyun decided to take responsibility. It is also proof that experience is also not the reason because Taemin is practically the ‘sunbae’ since SHINee debuted before EXO. However, since Taemin declined the offer, Baekhyun took the part without even think about it.

Well, Baekhyun is well-known to be the part of the beagle-line in EXO. Can you imagine him being a leader of any KPop group? However, Baekhyun has proven himself capable of doing the job.

Baekhyun is a genius idol, because, naturally, he is a people person. He is totally a mood-maker. He knows how to make a show worth watching. He knows how to break the ice. It is a rare quality of person and SuperM is lucky to have him as a leader.

So, when it comes to the quality of SM’s KPop group leaders, it wasn’t age as the main requirement for a leader. If so, Xiumin will be the leader instead of Suho. It isn’t experience as well because Taemin will fit best to be SuperM’s leader and not Baekhyun. Talents? Well, each of the members is talented so it is impossible to make talent the standard.

So, what is the main requirement of being SM’s KPop group leader? From the list of SM’s Kpop group leaders from the 3rd generation above could be concluded that the main requirement to be the leader is the quality of being a leader.

All of them, Suho, Irene, Taeyong, and Baekhyun are special people with leadership qualities. No one could replace them because they were born to lead.