Secret Number’s Fandom Name Finally Announced

Secret Number’s Fandom Name Finally Announced
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Chogiwa – Secret Number debuted in May 2020 with the single “Who Dis?”. Since then, fans have been wondering what the Secret Number’s fandom name will be.

On January 8th, the Secret Number’s fandom name finally announced by the management, Vine Entertainment. It is LOCKEY which is pronounced as ROCKY.

Secret Number’s Fandom Name and Meaning

LOCKEY as the Secret Number’s fandom name has a very good meaning. The word LOCKEY is actually the combination of words LOCK and KEY. According to Vine Entertainment, the KEY represents the people or fans who have the power to open the locked appeal of Secret Number.

The management also explained that LOCKEY is actually made by fans. However, management decided about how to pronounce it which is ROCKY. Since in Korea L and R are represented by one word, instead of using the L sound, the Secret Number’s fandom name will be pronounced with the R sound. Besides ROCKY’s literal meaning is also really good which is tough, strong, or determined which represents Secret Number really well.

Secret Number’s Fandom Name Finally Announced
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The Gift for Fans for Secret Number Achievement

Secret Number is one of the Korean girl groups which recently becoming global attention. Unlike most Korean girl groups, Secret Number consists of members of different nationalities. They are like a unit in diversity. The leader Lea is from Japan, Jinny is from California, Dita is from Indonesia, Denise is from Texas, and only Soodam is raised and born in South Korea.

They debuted in May with the single “Who Dis?” and they have come back strong with the new single “Got that Boom” in November 2020. Per today, their new single has achieved more than 10 million views on YouTube that proves their popularity is not a joke.

The decision to announce the fandom name is also like a gift for fans after Secret Number received their very first prestigious achievement. They received New Female Artist Award (Rookie Award) from Asian Artist Awards 2020 (AAA 2020) along with TREASURE from YG Entertainment in the male category. It is the kind of award that only be able to be achieved once by a rookie group. It means among all the rookie girl groups that debuted in 2020, Secret Number is the top among them.

So, are you a LOCKEY? If yes, please stay updated with us to support the Secret Number’s future career.