Is GOT7 Disbanded after Leaving JYP?

Is GOT7 Disbanded after Leaving JYP?
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Chogiwa – In recent weeks, there have been speculations regarding whether GOT7 will renew the contract with JYP. Well, a couple of days ago Dispatch reported that GOT7 has officially left JYP. Is GOT7 disbanded? Well, it is a good question but the answer is NO.

Is GOT7 Disbanded after Leaving JYP?
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Is GOT7 Disbanded?

GOT7 is not disbanded. When a group is disbanded; it means the group is forced to stop doing any job under a certain group name. The group is still GOT7 but their exclusive contracts with JYP have expired.

Actually, there are some options available for the members. First, they could renew their contract with JYP. Second, they could leave JYP and join a new company. Unfortunately, in the GOT7 case, they didn’t choose both options. They are not renewing their contract with JYP and though some of them have signed new exclusive contracts but not at the same company.

GOT7 Is GOT7 though They’re No Longer with JYP

There are several cases when a group has left the company, they are no longer able to be part of the group. Well, it is depending on how the company policy. In the GOT7 case, their exclusive contract with JYP is not including the group name and even the stage name. It is because JYP didn’t register the name of GOT7 as their official brand name. In other words, though the member is no longer part of JYP, they are still able to use the name.

However, it is not as easy as it seems. It is because when each of them has started their schedule with their new company, fitting the schedules of all members is not going to be easy. That is the real challenge for a group whose members are not under the same company.

It Is Just an Unfortunate for GOT7

GOT7 debuted seven years ago in 2014 with the single “Got It”. Since then, they have been receiving a lot of attention. Their decision to split and no longer renew their contract with JYP is really unfortunate. One thing for sure “Is GO7 disbanded?” is not the case. Still, it is a sad case but their members should work really harder if they want to work as a unit.

The GOT7 members are well known to be super solid. They will work on it. Though of course, from now on, the path is not going to be easy for all of them. Nevertheless, fans are still super excited to find out that one day, they will be together again as GOT7.

While waiting for the members to be united again, fans have been super supportive of the future career of each member. Recent news came from Mark GOT7 who has a plan to be a Youtuber. Currently, Mark GOT7 YouTube channel is eligible to receive the Silver Play Button because the subscriber has surpassed 600 million subscribers despite the channel has no video yet. It proofs that each of the members is really popular even though they are currently having no activity with GOT7.