EXO’s D.O. Hints A Solo Debut during VLive

EXO’s D.O. Hints A Solo Debut during VLive
Image Source: VLive Channel EXO

Chogiwa – EXO’s D.O. just officially discharged from the military on January 25th and fans were super happy to welcome home Kyungsoo. Just the next day, on January 26th, he said hi to his fans through Vlive and also EXO’s D.O. hints a solo debut during Vlive. Unlike Xiumin’s Vlive with the prior announcement a couple of days before the show. D.O. really did a great job in surprising his fans.

The Vlive session wasn’t really long, only about 35 minutes but during that time D.O. has answered most questions that fans really want to know. The questions are mostly about what he’s doing during his service in the military and also what his future plans after discharge.

EXO’s D.O. Hints A Solo Debut

The highlight during Vlive session is when EXO’s D.O hints a solo debut. If it is true that D.O. is going to have a solo album this year, he will be the sixth member of EXO to have a solo album after Lay, Baekhyun, Suho, Chen, and Kai’s solo debut. Fans are super excited to know that D.O. is currently working really hard to prepare his solo project.

As quoted from Naver “I have a lot of music I want to do with my personal work. I’m also working hard on preparing for a solo album. The songs are done, now are working on the lyrics. Once the lyrics are done then recording”

However, about the time for the release of the album D.O. answered “It will be released, once it’s ready!”

EXO’s D.O. Hints A Solo Debut during VLive
Image Source: VLive Channel EXO

Will D.O. Participate in Writing the Lyrics?

D.O. released That’s Okay in July 1st, 2019 as the pre-enlistment song. This song received a lot of compliments not only from fans but also from Kpop idols. It is because the combination of song and the lyric is really calming. From NCT’s Mark up to IU has mentioned That’s Okay to be among their favorite song. The song itself is about how to let go of sadness and to always have hope, in order to pursue happiness.

In that song, D.O. participated as the co-writer of the lyric. Hopefully, in his new album project, he will participate as well. That’s Okay is solid proof that he is not only capable of singing but also writing the lyrics.

EXO’s D.O. as An Actor

All EXO members are well known to be super talented in their own way. D.O. is no exception. As a musician, he is among the KPop singer with strong and unique vocals. As an actor, D.O. is among idols who turn top actors. He also has put a high standard for an idol who wants to be an actor.

D.O. has been acting in several hit dramas and movies with various characters. The list of EXO D.O. dramas and movies are such as It’s Okay, It’s Love where he took the role of a high schooler who has been abused by his father. He also once becoming a psychopath/serial killer in Hello Monster. In a historical drama entitled 100 Days My Prince, he acted as a cold-hearted prince. His last project before his enlistment was becoming a North Korean soldier who falls in love with tap dancing in Swing Kids. He has proven himself to be among the best actors in South Korea.

This year, EXO’s D.O. will be part of a blockbuster movie entitled The Moon with Kim Yong Hwa as the director. He is the same director who directed the movie franchise Along with the God in where D.O. also participated as a supporting role.