Chogiwa – It’s so great to have SHINee back. After been in hiatus for two years and six months finally SHINee comebacks with “Don’t Call Me”. That made Shawol super ecstatic.

SHINee is one of the successful projects of SM Entertainment. Debuted in 2008, SHINee stays as solid as a rock even after 13 years of their career in the K-Pop music industry. Originally, SHINee consists of five members, Onew as the leader, Minho, Key, Taemin, and Jonghyun. Unfortunately, Jonghyun has left them all for good in 2017. Their comeback this year is their very first comeback without the late Jonghyun.

SHINee Comebacks with “Don’t Call Me”

SHINee Comebacks with “Don’t Call Me” Draws Various Responses

There are a lot of people who have been waiting for their comeback especially after Onew finished his mandatory service early last year. Then followed by Key and the last is Minho in late 2020. So, their expectation toward their comeback is really high. After SM announced their comeback during the New Year concert, people are looking forward to their comeback.

Finally, on February 22nd, SHINee released their very first single “Don’t Call Me” which marked their comeback officially. However, the MV draws various responses. Some said, the music is not SHINee’s while others said, it is refreshing to see SHINee’s with something totally new.

“Don’t Call Me” Originally Not for SHINee

Though Lee Soo Man has chosen the single by himself, “Don’t Call Me” originally not for SHINee. The single is written especially for BoA but she refused. She said that this single is better for a group, not a solo.

However, those who have been following NCT must recognize that “Don’t Call Me” has certain vibes that close to their music. Instead, this single wasn’t for NCT but SHINee. Luckily, SHINee has a special magical power to every music they have touched. Though there are some people who might say that the song is not for them but SHINee will definitely make the music theirs, no matter what.

A Strong Comeback of SHINee

Though SHINee comebacks with “Don’t Call Me” drew various responses still it is a strong comeback for them. They have once again proven their existence in the K-Pop music industry with their solid bond and high-quality music. The MV also showed how SHINee is still among the top groups in this industry. They showed outstanding performance though the choreography is pretty tough. It was said that all the members contributed to design the choreography.

Less than 24 hours after releasing, single “Don’t Call Me” reached No. 1 in iTunes Album Chart in 40 countries and second highest in Melon 24Hits. It seems like SHINee’s charm would never fade even after 13 years of their career.

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