EXO Chanyeol Personally Rearranged the OST for “The Box”

EXO Chanyeol Personally Rearranged the OST for “The Box”
Image Source: Screenshot Youtube Chanyeol's Break the Box MV

Chogiwa – EXO is well known as the King of OST. Most of the members have impressive lines of OSTs for both dramas and movies.  Baekhyun, Chen, D.O, Xiumin, Chanyeol, Suho, and Lay have sung several hit original soundtracks. However, while other members are only lending their voices to sing one or two OSTs for dramas or movies, Chanyeol is bringing their title as King of OST to the next level. In his newest and debut Korean movie, he sang all the OSTs. Moreover, EXO Chanyeol personally rearranged the OST for “The Box”.

EXO Chanyeol Personally Rearranged the OST for “The Box”

EXO’s Chanyeol is literally in “The Box”. Quoted from IG Songwriter_ecobridge, a production company that produces the OST for “The Box”, there will be 19 tracks in the OST album. The OST album will consist of 7 original tracks and 12 legendary covered songs from several well-known musicians. The covered songs such as Coldplay’s “A Sky Full of Stars”, Billie Ellish’s “Bad Guy”, Air Supply’s “Without You”, Pharrell Williams’ “Happy” and many more. While “Break the Box” is going to be the title track of the album and released in three versions. It is also reported that EXO Chanyeol personally rearranged the OST for “The Box”.

In EXO, Chanyeol is well known as a talented musician just like Lay Zhang. His main position is as a rapper but he is also a decent vocalist. Chanyeol is capable of playing several musical instruments such as guitar, piano, drum, and bass. Among EXO members he is the one with the best musicality knowledge who is not only able to play musical instruments but also as a music producer. In several of EXO’s hit songs, Chanyeol also contributed to writing the lyrics.

EXO Chanyeol Personally Rearranged the OST for “The Box”
Source: Screenshot Youtube Chanyeol’s Without You MV

“The Box” Is Going to be Chanyeol’s Last Project before Enlistment

Last month, EXO Chanyeol wrote a letter for his fans telling them how grateful he is to receive so much loves and trusts from EXO-L. The next day, SM confirmed that it was true, Chanyeol will start his mandatory military enlistment on March 29th.

Initially, “The Box” OST album release date will be around 31st March but due to Chanyeol’s enlistment, the movie is released earlier, on March 24th. While the OST Album was originally planned to be released a day after Chanyeol’s enlistment. However, then the digital version of the album is released earlier as well, today March 25th. Furthermore, the physical version will be released later on the same date of Chanyeol’s enlistment, March 29th.

The way EXO Chanyeol personally rearranged the OST for “The Box” makes fans even more ecstatic. This project is going to be Chanyeol’s very first big project without SM’s backup.

Chanyeol Is Idol with Many Talents

In the acting field, Chanyeol is not a newcomer. He has been starring in several hit dramas such as “EXO Next Door” and “Memory of Alhambra” as Park Shin Hye’s younger brother. He also starred in “Salute D’Amore” as Moon Ga Young’s boyfriend. His movie debut as lead actor was in the Chinese movie “So I Married My Anti-Fans” in 2016. And now, “The Box” is going to be Chanyeol’s debut Korean movie as a lead actor.

EXO is one of the Korean boy groups with unique traditions before military enlistment. Each of them will release a single to mark the start of their mandatory military service.  Xiumin’s released “You” and D.O’s “That’s Okay” in 2019, then in 2020 there was Chen’s “Hello”. Suho released an album “Self-Portrait” before his enlistment in 2020. Chanyeol is not only releasing a complete OST album but also a full movie where he is the star.

So, are you looking forward to EXO Chanyeol’s “The Box” OST album?