EXO Baekhyun Military Enlistment Confirmed via IG Live

EXO Baekhyun Military Enlistment Confirmed via IG Live

Chogiwa – Earlier yesterday, a bubble update from Baekhyun stated that he would do an IG Live after being so frustrated about something that has sent EXO-L worldwide stayed alert last night. It turned out to be an emotional one. He shared his thought about his busy and tight schedule and also EXO Baekhyun military enlistment confirmed via IG Live. Not only that EXO Lay Zhang also joined and left some encouraging messages for Baekhyun that a solid proof EXO Lay Zhang is still with EXO.

EXO Baekhyun Confirmed His Military Enlistment via IG Live

After EXO Chanyeol’s “The Box” release and his military enlistment date confirmed, fans have been expecting that Baekhyun’s call is a shortcoming. Chanyeol will officially start his role as a South Korean military soldier this March 29th. He has written a quite long letter for EXO-L stated how thankful he is to be loved and trusted. A couple of days after that SM confirmed his enlistment date.

In Baekhyun’s case, he decided to give a head up to his fans about his enlistment. Though, he also stated that he has been contemplating this issue. Whether he should say it now or later. It is actually a good decision that he mentioned it now. So, there is no such sudden surprise as when Chen announced his enlistment last year. It seems like Baekhyun realized how sad EXO-L will be because he and Chanyeol will go to the military together.

EXO Baekhyun Military Enlistment Confirmed via IG Live
Source: Twitter @weareoneEXO

Solo Album “Bambi” Is Going to be Baekhyun’s Last Project before Enlistment

It is true that EXO Baekhyun confirmed his military enlistment via IG Live. However, the reason behind his frustration is not at all about his enlistment. His frustration is more about so much things he wants to do during the little time left for him.

One thing he so regrated about is also about no music show next week as part of his solo promotion. However, he ensured his fans that Bambi, though it is going to be his last project before enlistment, this album is so meaningful for him and for his fans.

During the IG Live he stated “Even if there are only few people listening to my music, I’m willing to work hard”. Then he also added that “I wish all people I love will listen to this song. It’s not released without meaning, after all it’s my solo album.”

EXO Baekhyun Military Enlistment Confirmed via IG Live
Source: Twitter @weareoneEXO

“Bambi” Marked A New Phase of A 30 Years Old Baekhyun

Baekhyun is well-known as a genius idol. A title that is not easy to earn because K-Pop is a big industry with the hard competition. Many have succeeded in this industry but more who failed. Among those amazing talents of idols, Baekhyun is the only one who earned the title “A Genius Idol”. He has proven himself to be not only a professional idol but also a true artist. Baekhyun is like the idol of idols.

“Bambi” will be out this March 30th. Baekhyun has been working really hard for this album. He also mentioned this album is the representation of a 30 years old Baekhyun. It is a mark of his professionalism as an artist will enter a new phase.

Now Baekhyun’s time to serve the country has come. EXO Baekhyun military enlistment confirmed via IG Live. Even then, he is still willing to work really hard for his fans despite the little time left for him. He also has prepared a lot of things, so EXO-L would never be upset even if he’s not around for a while. Regarding his album, Baekhyun is super happy to share it with his fans, just like what he said during the IG Live “Wouldn’t it be a pity for this happiness to be filled with sadness?”. Well, it is totally well-said, it’s Baekhyun anyway. He always knows how to break the ice; he always knows how to make a show worth-watching and now he also the best who knows how to ease the EXO-Ls hearts during this situation.

So, are you waiting forward to Baekhyun’s “Bambi”? Stay update with us for more EXO!

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