AESPA Revealed New Hair Colors: Is It A Comeback?

AESPA Revealed New Hair Colors: Is It A Comeback?
Source: Screenshot from AESPA Daily YouTube

Chogiwa – In K-Pop worlds, there are some changes that may hint at a comeback for a K-Pop group. Among the most obvious ones is the change of hair colors of the members. Recently, the member of AESPA revealed new hair colors which make fans super excited. Is comeback around the corner for this SM’s newest girl group?

AESPA Revealed New Hair Colors

AESPA Revealed New Hair Colors: Is It A Comeback?
Source: Screenshot from AESPA Daily YouTube

SM Entertainment is well-known for its actresses who are not only excellent in talents but also stunning in visuals. AESPA is no exception, each of them has its own unique character.

#1 Winter with Her Two-toned New Look

Winter appeared for the first time with blonde hair that starts her career bold in the K-Pop industry with Black Mamba. This time, she changed her hairstyle into totally a new look. Winter appeared in two-toned extension hair that made her features even more stunning.

Though the change of Winter’s look is quite significant from golden blonde to the combination of pink, grey, and black, she still appeared beautifully.

#2 Ningning with Cherry Red Hair

While Winter preferred a two-tone hair extension style of hair Ningning appeared with cherry red hair. When it comes to red hair, there is only one character that comes to head; it is Ariel the little mermaid. Ningning gave the excellent vibe of this character with her stunning look.

Ningning appeared in Black Mamba for the first time with her dark hair and delicate feature. She is among talented Chinese actresses who are successfully starting his career in the K-Pop industry. She is the maknae in AESPA but her talents are totally compatible with her sunbaes.

#3 Karina with Beautiful Original Look

Speaking of perfect visual, Karina is among 4th generation idols who will win any spots. As a former ulzzang, no one will doubt the stunning look of Karina. Unlike her bandmates, instead of changing her looks significantly, this time Karina back to her beautiful original look. She looks stunning with black hair just like when she appeared for the first time in Black Mamba.

Karina is among the top idols who will look stunning no matter what style she’s into. This time, with black hair, Karina is, even more, look bold among AESPA members.

#4 Giselle with Stunning Black Hair

Just like Karina, Giselle appeared with stunning black hair that made fans even more exciting. Giselle appeared for the first time during AESPA debut day with Black Mamba in stunning golden-brown hair. However, when she re-appeared with simple black hair, she also looks even more gorgeous because her feature allowed that. Giselle is among AESPA members who are getting gorgeous as time goes by.

AESPA debuted for the first time with Black Mamba on November 17, 2020. AESPA is the first girl group debuted by SM Entertainment after Red Velvet in 2014. It means the expectation of this girl group is really high since it is from SM. However, so far, the girls never disappoint anyone’s expectations with their amazing talents and stunning looks. When AESPA revealed new hair colors, fans have been anticipating a comeback from them but of course, only time will tell whether it is true or not.