Why Is IZ*ONE Disbanded? The Real Story Behind

Why Is IZ*ONE Disbanded? The Real Story Behind
Source: IG @official_izone

Chogiwa – April 29th is the last day for IZ*ONE as a unit before the group is disbanded for good. Why is IZ*ONE disbanded is not that big of a question which is due to contract expiration. However, still fans are super sad to face the truth that there is no longer IZ*ONE in the future.

Why Is IZ*ONE Disbanded? The Real Story Behind
Source: Twitter @official_izone

Why Is IZ*ONE Disbanded?

The main reason why is IZ*ONE disbanded is due to contract expiration. Besides, since the very beginning, this girl group is formed only temporarily. IZ*ONE debuted in 2018 as a project group of Mnet’s idol survival show Produced 48. In their contract, they will promote for two and a half years only which is expired on April 29th. Though there were some discussions regarding contract renewal, in the end, the renewal proposal was declined.

IZ*ONE Disband Is the First Great Loss in 2021

Quoted from Forbes, IZ*ONE disband is one of the first great losses for the KPop industry in 2021. This group entered the KPop industry with a firm step that remains strong and solid until their last day. IZ*ONE is one of the groups that frequently produce chart-topping hits.

So, it is no doubt that IZ*ONE disband is not only a loss for WIZ*ONE but also for the whole KPop industry. However, to deliver their final goodbye, the group has held the last concert for their fans entitled ONE, THE STORY. Each of them delivers their final words to their fans and one that drew most of the attention is the final words from the maknae, Wonyoung. She said, “I like a happy ending. So, I hope our last fans’ expression will be smiling faces. I will always smile and I hope WIZ*ONE also always smile with me. I will continue to love you”. With that final words, is no doubt that each of IZ*ONE member will always receive support from their fans.

Though there is no longer IZ*ONE, each of the members already has their own future plans. All of the Japanese lines have returned to Japan while the rest of the members returned to their respective agencies.