Baekhyun Continued EXO’s Tradition with Sehun Only

Baekhyun Continued EXO's Tradition with Sehun Only
Source: EXO's Official Lysn

Chogiwa – Two EXO’s members just started their mandatory military service this year. First was Chanyeol on April 29th and then Baekhyun on May 6th. On his enlistment day, Baekhyun continued EXO’s tradition with Sehun only. Until today, there are five EXO members are serving the military. While D.O. and Xiumin have finished serving the South Korean military. So, the remaining two members, Sehun and Kai who will probably serve later.

Baekhyun Continued EXO’s Tradition with Sehun Only, Why?

Baekhyun Continued EXO's Tradition with Sehun Only
Source: EXO’s Official Lysn

Fans once a bit disappointed when there was no EXO’s tradition picture when Chanyeol enlisted on April 29th. Though actually there was a picture. However, it was the picture is from the shooting location for EXO’s upcoming MV. To avoid spoiler, they released the picture 10 days after Chanyeol’s enlistment date.

In Baekhyun’s case, the reason why there was only Sehun in the picture is due to Covid-19. They should follow the health protocol to avoid problems in the future. Actually, there are three EXO’s members in the military now. They are Suho, Chen, and Chanyeol. So, remain five members left, Xiumin and D.O. who have finished their service in the military. Then, there is Lay who is currently in China. Kai is probably the busiest of them all. It seems like his schedule is not easy to manage. Kai didn’t join the group photo when Chen left for the military, instead, Suho joined the group. Fortunately, there is Sehun who is available to continue EXO’s military tradition for Baekhyun.

However, fans are super grateful that Baekhyun continued EXO’s tradition. Though with Sehun only. It means they really care about their fans. They know that fans have been waiting for the photo on the enlistment day.

EXO Is Currently in Hiatus

EXO is probably on hiatus now due to half of the members are in the military now and one in China. However, fans are super excited to wait for their comeback this year with OT6. With the remaining two members who haven’t served the military, EXO is expected to comeback full force in 2025.