Chogiwa – At midnight of May 11 KST, all EXO social media platforms uploaded a short teaser of EXO comeback 2021 with “Don’t Fight the Feeling”. Back in April, they have dropped a video teaser showing their activity during MV shooting. It is going to be their special album before entering another hiatus period.

EXO Comeback 2021 with “Don’t Fight the Feeling”

EXO Comeback 2021 with “Don’t Fight the Feeling”
Source: EXO Official Twitter

“Don’t Fight the Feeling” is a special album of EXO. It is going to be their first comeback after Obsession in 2019. The concept of this album is still closely related to EXO’s original concept.

From the short video spoiler, they shared back in April, it is obvious that the theme is about outer space. So, it is still about nine young men with superpowers who came from EXO Planet. However, from the last teaser, we could see that their designation is EXO Planet which located in the Outer Orbit.

What is that mean? Will EXO finally leave the Earth to get back to their planet?

“Don’t Fight the Feeling” Is A Special Album for EXO-L

Why this album is so special? Well, it is because “Don’t Fight the Feeling” is going to be EXO’s last record together before they enter another hiatus period. EXO has been in hiatus period since 2019 when they released Obsession with only six members without Xiumin, D.O. and Lay. This year, they have been working really hard by releasing this special album in a short month. They managed to do everything right after D.O.’s discharge in January. And just before Chanyeol and Baekhyun started their military service in April and May. In other words, they practically only have 4 months to prepare everything.

That is why this album is really special for EXO-L. It is because EXO knows, fans have been waiting for them all this time. Even if it is only a short time, they managed to release this album for their fans, so they could bear another hiatus period until their full force comeback in 2025.

So far, there is still no further information regarding the exact release date of EXO comeback 2021 with “Don’t Fight the Feeling”. Please stay tune with us for more updates.

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