Chogiwa – EXO just released their first variety show last night after sometimes they were in hiatus period. In early May, EXO surprised his fans with an announcement of their comeback. This June, EXO will comeback with “Don’t Fight the Feeling” this June. And last night a variety show, EXO Arcade season 2 just released to please the fans. A variety show is no fun without EXO ‘killing’ each other to compete. Due to that, two teams have been formed, Baekhyun’s Team VS Baekhyun’s Team without Baekhyun. Baekhyun’s team called 뭐하누 (A Korean pun for “Whatcha doin’?”) and second is Chanyeol’s team called Baekhyun’s team without Baekhyun because all of them are Baekhyun’s fans and wanted to be in his team. So, are you on Baekhyun’s team or on Baekhyun’s team without Baekhyun?

EXO Arcade Season 2
Source: Screenshot from EXO’s Youtube Channel

EXO Arcade Season 2: Baekhyun’s Team VS Baekhyun’s Team without Baekhyun

The first episode of EXO Arcade season 2 was only about forming a team. Though, it’s only the first episode, it was already having EXO’s atmosphere. For those who have watched several Variety Shows starring EXO members must understand why everyone was super frustrated when they were not in Baekhyun team. It was because Baekhyun is really good in playing games. Baekhyun is a genius idol who is well known to be excellent in everything including playing games. However, though he is really good with games, he doesn’t really care about winning. He only cares about how to get people annoyed. As what Chanyeol said “He will make you feel like you have lost even if you won”.

Sehun as Leader for A Day

As the youngest of them all, Sehun is always their golden maknae. However, somehow, he got the role to be EXO’s leader for a day in EXO Arcade Season 2 when Suho is not around. He asked for all the members to speak formally to him, though in the ends, the hyungs just forget it right away.

Anyway, the first episode of EXO Arcade Season 2 just aired last night on EXO’s official YouTube channel. This is their first variety show after some time and probably their last variety show before they entered another EXO hiatus period. When they released Obsession in 2019, and some members went to serve the military, EXO has been focusing on their solo careers. While Kai is focusing on his modeling career, EXO SC and Baekhyun more focus on their music. Lay is probably still the busiest of them all with his new company and his bright career in China. At present, Suho, Chen, Chanyeol, and Baekhyun are serving the Korean military.

The second episode of EXO Arcade Season 2 will air tomorrow on June 2nd. We will see how both Baekhyun’s team vs Baekhyun’s team without Baekhyun try to ‘kill’ each other. So, on which team are you? Baekhyun’s team or Baekhyun’s team without Baekhyun?

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