Chogiwa – June is coming. EXO-Ls around the world are super excited to welcome the most anticipated comeback in 2021. it is EXO’s huge comeback with “Don’t Fight the Feeling”. It is just the half of 2021, however, nothing could beat EXO’s huge comeback this year.

EXO’s Huge Comeback with “Don’t Fight the Feeling”
Source: EXO Official Twitter

EXO’s Huge Comeback with “Don’t Fight the Feeling”

EXO’s comeback this year is totally a surprise for KPopers around the world, especially EXO-Ls, the EXO fandom. 2020 was probably the hardest year for EXO with all the scandals. First was antis who wanted Chen to leave EXO just because he’s happily married now. Then also the silly scandal that involved Chanyeol. Those things put EXO in a silence stage for a while. Well, probably with exception of Baekhyun, who was busy with his solo albums.

Early this year, an announcement stated that Chanyeol’s military enlistment and then followed by Baekhyun. There are only 4 months available for EXO to prepare everything. Just after Xiumin and D.O.’s military discharge in December and before Chanyeol’s and Baekhyun’s enlistment in April and May. Nothing about a comeback. Until, Baekhyun spilled a spoiler in one of his bubble’s update hinted that EXO has something this year. Then in May 11th, a teaser about EXO’s comeback 2021 posted in EXO’s official YouTube channel showed the six members of EXO in their new MV’s shooting location. That indicated EXO’s huge comeback with “Don’t Fight the Feeling” is just around the corner.

“Don’t Fight the Feeling” Is Definitely Song for EXO-L

After a long wait, EXO’s huge comeback with “Don’t Fight the Feeling” is definitely for EXO-L. In a short time with their individual busy schedule, they prepared everything just so they could ‘say hello’ to EXO-L. It’s also a sign that they will enter another hiatus period. Because they now only have four members serving the military. D.O. and Xiumin who have finished their military service, then Kai and Sehun who will follow suit.

A Big Surprise from Lay Zhang

EXO’s Huge Comeback with “Don’t Fight the Feeling”
Source: EXO Official Twitter

One of the reasons why EXO’s comeback this time is considered huge because this is the first time Lay joined them again. Lay is still currently in China but despite that fact, he made a huge surprise by participating in the MV and the album. Lay last participation was in Tempo in 2018. That’s why, his participation in “Don’t Fight the Feeling” have a huge impact for EXO.

Since the release date is June 7th, the MV of EXO’s “Don’t Fight the Feeling” has reached 30 million views. EXO also has beat its own record for the pre-order physical albums. They successfully sold 660,000 albums in Hanteo and more than 470,000 in Ktown4u, which made EXO certified as a million-seller. This album also becomes the 1st SM album to reach #1 on iTunes Album Chart in 87 regions worldwide. Well, this is just a normal thing for King of KPop but still, this is huge. Who is super excited for EXO’s huge comeback with “Don’t Fight the Feeling”?

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