OMEGA X Debuted with “VAMOS” and Sold Out

OMEGA X Debuted with “VAMOS”

Chogiwa – On June 30, OMEGA X debuted with “VAMOS” impressively. As the result, the first batch of their album sold out in less than a week, and now starting to print more albums. Who are they? Let’s get to know the boys better.

OMEGA X Debuted with “VAMOS”

OMEGA X Debuted with “VAMOS” – Who Are They?

OMEGA X is a new boy group under SPIRE Entertainment. The group consists of eleven members who are all professional idols. They are not rookie idols but already debuted with their former group. However, most of those groups are disbanded.

For those who don’t know them yet, below are a short introduction of each member:

#1 Xen

Xen or Lee Jinwoo is a former member of 1TEAM.

#2 Hangyeom

Hangyeom is a former member of Seven O’clock and his real name is Song Hangyeom.

#3 Taedong

Taedong is also well-known as a contestant of Produced 101 from season 2 and also BOYS24. His real name is Kim Taedong and he is a former member of Gidongdae.

#4 Yechan

Yechan or Shin Yechan is a former member of 1THE9. He was also a contestant of UNDER19 who successfully ended in Rank 4.

#5 Jaehan

Jaehan or Kim Jaehan is a former member of Spectrum. He was also a contestant of Produced 101.

#6 Hwichan

Hwichan is also well-known with his stage name Raychan. It is the name when he was a member of Limitless. His real name Is Lee Hwichan.

#7 Junghoon

Just like Hwichan, Junghoon also has a stage name as J-Kid. It was the stage name when he was a member of ENOi.

#8 Jehyun

Jehyun or Moon Jehyun is also a former member of 1TEAM along with Xen.

#9 Hyuk

Hyuk is also the former of ENOi along with Junghoon. Hyun whose real name is Yang Hyuk and he has stage name Gun when he was with ENOi.

#10 Kevin

Kevin or Park Jinwoo is also a former member of ENOi.

#11 Sebin

Sebin or Jang Sebin is still part of Snuper. The group is not disbanded but at present on hiatus due to most members are in the military.

Professional Idols in One Group

It is actually a good thing when a group consists of professionals instead of rookies. In other groups, the idols already have their own fan base and it is easier when it comes to promotion. So, when OMEGA X debuted with “VAMOS” and sold out the initial batch of the album is not a surprise. Even the teaser back in March used the tagline “Your Boys Have Come Back 2021”. This means they teased their fans that they have a comeback though with different groups. Loyal fans of the idols will always support their idols no matter what, as long as they could reach their success.

Though this group is consisting of members from various groups it is a permanent group. In other words, fans will be expecting more of OMEGA X after their success with “VAMOS”. Don’t forget to check out their new music video, it’s awesome.