Chogiwa – Lee Sung Kyung is an actress with many talents. She is not only acting but singing too. Loco is well-known as a Korean musician and rapper who has been working with several artists including Hwasa. Lee Sung Kyung feat Loco in “LOVE” is going to be an amazing collab for Loco.

Lee Sung Kyung feat Loco in “LOVE” as Part of “Duet Mate” Project

The collaboration of Lee Sung Kyung and Loco is lovely and sweet. The music video is really simple when both of them are only sitting in the car and singing but at the same time is super sweet. Then, the chemistry and how their voices blend are just perfect and lovely.

The collaboration is actually part of the “Duet Mate” project. It is a music project that connects actresses and rappers. It is a project that belong to Dingo Music. The project between Lee Sung Kyung and Loco will be produced by Rocoberry. A producer who once succeeded with several hit OSTs drama such as Descendant of the Sun and Hotel Del Luna.

There will be more actresses and rappers who will join the project. However, the collaboration of Lee Sung Kyung feat Loco in this MV “LOVE” will be the first on the series of the project.

The Project that Leads to Rumor that Lee Seung Kyung and Loco Dating

Lee Sung Kyung feat Loco in “LOVE”
Source: IG Lee Seung Kyung (@heybiblee) and Loco (@satgotloco)

During the filming of the teaser of the MV, Lee Sung Kyung posted some photos on her Instagram account. The posts then lead to rumors of them, Lee Sung Kyung and Loco dating. It happened because Loco also posted photos of him in the same location as Lee Sung Kyung. Fans then speculated that it was like lovestagram. Lovestagram itself is a ‘code’ for two people who are dating. They post pictures that have connections in their Instagram account. This is very popular among those who are dating in secret.

However, the rumor is just a false rumor. The two of them are just working together. The result is just so lovely. Don’t forget to check out Lee Sung Kyung feat Loco in “Love” MV, they are just so lovely.

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