Chogiwa – On July 13th, YG ENTERTAINMENT released an official announcement regarding TREASURE’S Doyoung positive for Covid-19. Doyoung was confirmed positive for Covid-19 after undergoing a self-diagnosis test on July 12th. The test was conducted prior to commercial filming.

TREASURE’S Doyoung Positive for Covid-19

Due to that all TREASURE members and staff also undergoing the test as well. As stated by YG ENTERTAINMENT “We’re informing you TREASURE member Doyoung received a positive COVID-19 test today. The other TREASURE members and staff tested negative”. As there are no other cases, the TREASURE members and staff will be self-quarantining. Despite all the rest of the members and staff are negative from Covid-19, still YG immediately canceled their schedules.

Tresure doyoung

Interesting Facts about TREASURE’S Doyoung

Doyoung debuted with TREASURE in 2020 as a dancer and vocalist. However, he wasn’t really a rookie in K-Pop industry. He joined YG ENTERTAINMENT as a trainee in 2015. Then he participated in YG Treasure Box in 2018. Not only that, but Doyoung also appeared in the survival program “Stray Kid” as the representation of YG along with member-mate Jihoon.

Covid-19 Confirmed on K-Pop Idols

Before TREASURE’S Doyoung positive for Covid-19, there were also some K-Pop idols that confirmed. Names like Chungha, Kara’s Gyuri, Bitto and Kogyeol from Up10tion, Yiren and Sihyeon from Everglow, singer Lee Chan Won.

In other words, even celebrities won’t safe from the virus. Especially Doyoung who among the member is the most health-conscious one. It is because his parents are both doctors. Not only that, but his older brother also studies medicine. Since the trainee days, Doyoung always consumes vitamines regularly. Hopefully, he will stay healthy, so TREASURE could continue their schedules.

Stay healthy and avoid being among the crowd and follow the health protocols strictly. If nothing to do outside, just stay at home. Love yourself and love your family. Let’s fight Covid-19 together and get our normal lives back.

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