BoA’s Tree Orchestra Version Closes the Series of Our Beloved BoA Project

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Chogiwa – Our Beloved BoA is the project to celebrate the 20th anniversary debut of BoA. Her debut with SM Entertainment started in 2000, she became the part of 1st generation of KPop and since then her works are highly appreciated worldwide and due to that she is also recognized as the Queen of KPop.

Anyone who follows KPop since the early millennium will know BoA and even the millennials are also adore her.

Since her debut she has released nineteen studio albums that she sings in various languages such as Korean, Japanese, Mandarin and English.

BoA whose real name is Kwon Bo-ah started her entertainment careers when she was 13 years old, only two years of training with SM.

In 2000 she released her first Korean debut album ID; Peace B and the album became a moderately successful.

Later on, BoA expanded her career to Japanese market. And it was probably the best decision she was made because her first Japanese album, Listen to My Heart which was released in 2002 became a breakthrough of her career.

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One of the BoA’s song that also popular at that time was Every Heart: Minna no Kimochi.

As the original soundtrack of InuYasha (a Japanese anime) Every Heart became a legend that hard to forget for both KPoP and Japanese anime lovers until today.

20 years later, as part of the celebration of BoA’s 20th debut anniversary, some of SM talents are taking part in Our Beloved BoA project such as EXO’s Baekhyun, BOL4, Red Velvet, Gallant who have released their live video singing BoA’s hit singles.

There are five singles in the project Our Beloved BoA. In 31 July 2020, EXO’s Baekhyun released the live video where he sang BoA’s Garden in The Air, a song from BoA’s fifth’s album Girls on Top.

In 7 August 2020, BOL4 released the live video through SM STATION channel sang Atlantis Princess from BoA’s third album with the same title.

A week later from BOL4, in 14 August 2020 Gallant also released the live video singing Only One which once released for the first time in 2012.

Red Velvet as one of the beloved girl groups from SM also took part and released their live video singing Milky Way in 21 August 2020.

This song is also part of BoA’s third album Atlantis Princess which was initially released in 2003.

In 28 August 2020, today, fans are anticipating the release of orchestra version of BoA’s Tree which will be presented by SM Classics.

SM Entertainment has released the teaser a day before. This orchestra version of Tree will close the series of Our Beloved BoA project.

SM Classics itself is the new music label launched in June 2020 by SM Entertainment cooperating with Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra in order to expand the collaboration into classical genre.

Just like the previous project, BoA’s Tree will be recorded with a full orchestra with Lee Nile as the composer.

Not only that, SM also stated that BoA’s brother, Kwon Soon Hwon will also join the orchestra as the pianist.

He will play along with the 46 members of SM Classics Orchestra.

Happy anniversary Our Beloved BoA, you’re still my number one.