On July 18th, KQ Entertainment, the agency of ATEEZ has released an official announcement regarding Mingi’s return

ATEEZ’s Mingi Officially Returns from Hiatus

Chogiwa – Atiny must be super excited to know that ATEEZ’s Mingi officially returns from Hiatus. Their agency, KQ Entertainment has released an official announcement regarding the return of Mingi on July 18th.

ATEEZ’s Mingi Officially Returns from Hiatus

On July 18th, KQ Entertainment, the agency of ATEEZ has released an official announcement regarding Mingi’s return. From now on, ATEEZ will comeback with active eight members. Since Mingi went on hiatus last year, ATEEZ has been performing with seven members only. The reason why Mingi took a break from activities is due to a health condition. According to the agency, Mingi suffers the symptoms of psychological anxiety. For detailed information, below is the complete statement from KQ Entertainment as quoted from Café.daum.net:


This is KQ Entertainment,

We would liek to inform you about the health condition and the return of member Mingi.

Through counseling therapy, long rest and his constant effrots, Mingi has regained his health. And in the first half of 2021, he has participated in several schedules prior to the official return of the team to check his mental and physical condition.

After a few discussion with Mingi himself, his parents and his psychological counselor, we have received a final opinion that ATEEZ will be active as w hoel group of 8 members, and we will inform you again if there are any changes in the previously announced schedules.

Once again, we would liek to express our gratitude to ATINY’s who have been waiting for Mingi and for the consistent support for him.

Thank You.

Mingi’s First Twitter Post after His Hiatus

When Mingi decided to go on hiatus in November 2020, he also stopped doing anything related to ATEEZ. However, when the speculation about Mingi’s return, on July 10th, he posted on Twitter with the caption “San, Happy Birthday” congratulating his bandmate’s birthday. Though it is a bit sad that at present, San is on quarantine after being confirmed to be positive of Covid-19. Welcome back ATEEZ’s Mingi officially return from hiatus and get well soon San!

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