Stories Behind EXO D.O.'s Debut Solo "Empathy"

Stories Behind EXO D.O.’s Debut Solo “Empathy”

Chogiwa – On, July 26th, EXO D.O. officially released his first solo album. There are some interesting facts and stories behind EXO D.O.’s debut solo “Empathy”. It is not D.O.’s first solo project. He was in several solo projects both as singer and actor. However, “Empathy” is indeed an important step for D.O. as a professional singer. D.O. debuted with EXO in 2012 as a main vocal. As an actor, he is well-known as actor Do Kyungsoo, debuted in 2014 as supporting role in drama “It’s Okay, It’s Love” and movie “Cart”.

Stories Behind EXO D.O.’s Debut Solo “Empathy” and Interesting Facts

EXO members are well-known to be super talented. D.O. himself is not only famous for his amazing vocal skill but also his precious acting talent. However, there are some interesting facts and stories behind EXO D.O. debut solo “Empathy”.

#1 D.O. Is the Last Member with No Solo Album and Sub-Unit

Stories Behind EXO D.O.'s Debut Solo "Empathy"
Source: EXO Official Twitter

In EXO, D.O. is the only member with no solo album or sub-unit. Before him, there were Lay, Chen, Suho, Baekhyun and Kai who have their own solo albums. Chanyeol and Sehun in sub-unit EXO-SC. Xiumin is part of sub-unit EXO CBX. Left D.O. alone with no solo album or sub-unit until 2021, 9 years after his official debut with EXO.

That is why “Empathy” is indeed an important step for D.O. as a professional singer in K-Pop industry. So, when he announched that he would release as solo album right after he finished his mandatory military service, the fans are super excited.

#2 D.O. Contributed in Writing the Lyric “Rose”

Stories Behind EXO D.O.'s Debut Solo "Empathy"
Source: EXO Official Twitter

“Rose” is the title track of EXO D.O. debut solo “Empathy”. In this song, D.O. also contributed in writing the lyric for the Korean version. While, the song itself is also available in English version.

This is not the first song that D.O. ever wrote. He also wrote the lyric of his own song “That’s Okay”. Both of the songs he wrote are considered as simple songs but the meaning is deep.

“That’s Okay” is a healing song because the lyric gives you a vibe that ‘no matter what, everything will be okay’. However, “Rose” is a cheerful song about a simple man who adores a woman and about to confess. The guitar that dominates in “Rose” is just a perfect combination with the easy-listening lyric.

#3 “Empathy” Tops iTunes Album Chart in 59 Countries

Less than 24 hours after the release, EXO D.O. debu solo “Empathy” tops iTunes album chart in 59 countries. Such as US, Australia, Canada, Brazil, United Arab Emirate, Norway, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia and many more.

The mini-album contains 8 songs; 6 new tracks and 2 bonus tracks. In the album, D.O. also working together with several musicians. In “I’m Gonna Love You”, D.O. works together with Wonstein.

#4 “Si Fueras Mia” Is the Song from 10 Years Ago

Stories Behind EXO D.O.'s Debut Solo "Empathy"
Source: Instagram @Dannysaucedo

Danny Saucedo, one of the lyricist of “Si Fueras Mia” posted a story in his Instagram, with caption “Wrote this song 10 years ago with @andreasobergsweden and today it was released with D.O.”

If “Rose” has the English version, “Si Fueras Mia” is the Spanish version of “It’s Love”. In this album, D.O. is not only singing in Korean but also in English and Spanish.

D.O. is well-known for his good pronounciation when he is singing an English song. Though he doesn’t speak English fluently, just basic. It also applies with his Spanish. “Si Fueras Mia” is not the first Spanish song that he ever sang. In Music Bank Mexico back in 2014, he also received a lot of praises for singing “Sabor Ami”. As an actor, his pronounciation skill for foreign languages is astonishing.

#5 “Empathy” Personally Chosen by D.O. as His Album Title

Stories Behind EXO D.O.'s Debut Solo "Empathy"
Source: EXO Official Twitter

In one interview, D.O. talked about the reason why he chose “Empathy” as his solo album title. He said that there were times when he couldn’t relate with the word ‘공감’ or ’empathy’. However, he could sense the energy from the word. Just like what he has experienced from the word, he wants to share the ’empathy’ with others too.

In the same interview D.O. also shared his very first experience singing without the members. However, he used this precious experience to work on music he likes the most. Just like in “Rose” he chose a folk-accoustic style dominated by guitar sound. Because the sound of accoustic guitar makes him feels ‘comfortable’.

“Empathy” is just another beginning for D.O. as a professional singer. While EXO is currently on hiatus with half of the members are in the military, D.O. now could focus on his solo career. Not only a solo album, in 2021 he is working in two movie projects “The Moon” and “Secret”.

Congratulation D.O. for your solo debut album “Empathy”.

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  1. Very impressive man. After listening to the full album, I could say that his hard work paid off. All the songs are beautiful to the point that I could listen to it all day.

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