EXO’s Xiumin Tested Positive for Covid-19 and The Rest Are Negative

EXO’s Xiumin Tested Positive for Covid-19 and The Rest Are Negative
Image Source: EXO Official Twitter

Chogiwa – August 5th is a celebration day for EXO-Ls around the world. It is the day when EXO-L has officially announced as the name of EXO’s fandom seven years ago. Instead, news about EXO’s Xiumin tested positive for covid-19 and showed some symptoms released by SM on the same day.

EXO’s Xiumin Tested Positive for Covid-19 and The Rest Are Negative
Image Source: EXO Official Twitter

EXO’s Xiumin Tested Positive for Covid-19 and Showed Some Symptoms

Xiumin just finished his mandatory military service about six months ago, in December 2020. Since then, aside from his schedule with EXO, he appears in several variety shows as both guest and host. Just a month after his discharge, he lent his voice for Mr. Queen’s OST “To My One and Only You”. Recently, he joined the line-up of the Korean Musical “Hadestown”.

In order to practice for the musical, EXO’s Xiumin took PCR test on July 29th and came out negative. However, days after that he experienced some changes in his health with light symptoms of Covid-19. Then, he took another PCR test on August 4th and was diagnosed to be positive for Covid-19 on August 5th. Below is the official statement from SM Entertainment:

SM Entertainment

Xiumin was confirmed to be diagnosed with Covid-19 today (August 5).

On July 29, Xiumin received a COVID-19 PCR test in order to practice for his musical and tested negative.

However, he received an additional PCR test on August 4 due to symptoms of changes in his health, and he was diagnosed today (August 5).

As a result, EXO members and his staff members have also been tested for COVID-19 and are in self-quarantine while they wait for results.

In additional, this information has been relayed to all of the broadcast programs that Xiumin is a part of. The staff members and some of the cast members of the musical “Hadestown”, who Xiumin practiced with recently, will also be tested for COVID-19.

Xiumin has immediately halted all scheduled activities and will actively follow the process and guidance given by the health authorities, and we will also do our best in order for the artist to make a speedy recovery.

We applogize for causing concern to many people, and we will do our best for the health and safety of all our artists and staff while strictly following health guidelines.

At present, all EXO members, staff, and people who practiced with Xiumin in “Hadestown” are doing self-quarantine. They will do it until the results come out.

The Rest EXO Members Tested Negative for COVID-19

EXO’s Xiumin Tested Positive for Covid-19 and The Rest Are Negative
Source: EXO Official Twitter

Yesterday, on August 6th, SM Entertainment posted another official statement regarding the result test of the rest EXO members:

SM Entertainment

As Xiumin was diagnosed with Covid-19 on the 5th, EXO members and staffs in charge also conducted a COVID-19 test. And all of them tested negative today.

All have tested negative. But they will self-quarantine for two weeks. In accordance with guidelines of the health authorities, and will faithfully follow the quarantine rules.

Thank you.

EXO Members Celebrating EXO-Ls Anniversary on Their Own Ways

Other EXO members tried their best to celebrate EXO-L’s seventh anniversary. Aside from the sad news about EXO’s Xiumin tested positive for Covid-19. EXO Chanyeol posted a video on his official YouTube channel. Baekhyun posted a video making a cake for the celebration. EXO Lay also posted something in his Instagram feed that stated that he loves EXO-Ls. EXO’s leader Suho also posted something in his Instagram. Sehun, D.O., and Kai celebrating it through their Bubble updates.

Let’s pray for EXO Xiumin’s fast recovery.