EXO’s Chen and His Wife Are Expecting Their Second Child

EXO’s Chen and His Wife Are Expecting Their Second Child

Chogiwa – EXO’s Chen and his wife are expecting their second child. This information has been confirmed by SM Entertainment “It is true that Chen’s wife is pregnant with their second child”.

EXO’s Chen and His Wife Are Expecting Their Second Child
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EXO’s Chen and His Wife Are Expecting Their Second Child

Chen married his non-celebrity girlfriend in January last year. And became a father of a daughter in April the same year. This year, another blessing came from this little family and they are expecting their second child.

In January last year, Chen surprised his fans with an announcement of his marriage. There were various responses toward that announcement. However, then he said, “I have a girlfriend I want to be with for the rest of my life”. He also added that he was in the middle of discussing the plan with EXO members and his management when he and his girlfriend were blessed with a baby. Though he felt embarrassed the first time then it gave him the strength he needed the most.

Chen’s Military Service

After the marriage announcement and the born of the baby, Chen went hiatus. Fans had been wondering about him until October 2020 he released “Hello” which happened to be a goodbye song before his enlistment to do military service. Well, unlike the other fellow members who still exist even during their enlistments such as Xiumin, D.O., and Chanyeol, Chen totally disappears from the public’s eyes. Even Baekhyun in the military regularly posted some updates on his Twitter account though it was only a simple hello to his fans. While Suho was spotted several times by fans and also posted some updates on his Instagram.

Fortunately, aside from the lack of updates about Chen, once news about him is reported is nothing but good news. Without no one realizing it, 2022 is just approaching. It means that EXO-L will welcome Suho back in February and April’s is going to be Chen’s turn to come back as a public citizen.

Chen debuted in 2012 as part of EXO-M. Unlike the other EXO members, Chen is the only member without major drama or movie projects. However, he is well-known as the king of OST. He sang several hit original soundtracks of dramas, especially dramas where his fellow members were part of. Some of them are ‘Best Luck’ for OST It’s Okay, It’s Love, which is D.O.’s debut drama, ‘Cherry Blossom Love Song’ for OST 100 Days May Prince, which is also D.O.’s drama. Chen also sang OST for Baekhyun’s drama with Baekhyun and Xiumin. When Chanyeol starred in Missing 9, Chen also lent his voice to sing ‘I’m Not Okay’ for the OST of the drama.

So, who is exciting to hear that EXO-L is going to have a new nephew or niece?

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