EXO’s Kai Just Released “Peaches” and Expressed His Feeling toward EXO-L

EXO’s Kai Just Released “Peaches” and Expressed His Feeling toward EXO-L
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Chogiwa – Today, November 30th, 2021 at 6 KST EXO’s Kai just released “Peaches” on various platforms. “Peaches” is Kai’s second solo album after Mmmm which has been released last year. Through Kai’s “Peaches” Countdown Live Kai tells the fans about the meaning of this album for him and his favorite songs from the album.

EXO’s Kai Just Released “Peaches” and Expressed His Feeling toward EXO-L
Image Source: Twitter @WeareoneEXO

EXO’s Kai Just Released “Peaches”

“Peaches” is Kai’s second mini-album. This album consists of six tracks and each track has its own story to tell.

#1 Peaches

Peaches is not only the title of the album but also the title track. Peaches is a medium-tempo R&B song that is about being in paradise with a loved one and wanting this sweet peach-like moment to last. As soon as I heard this song I loved it.

#2 Vanilla

Kai said that Vanilla is his favorite song from the album. This song is about falling in love with vanilla flavor. A great song was born. “I think you will like this song,” said Kai to his fans.

#3 Domino

EXO’s Kai Just Released “Peaches” and Expressed His Feeling toward EXO-L
Image Source: Twitter @WeareoneEXO

Domino is a powerful hip-hop genre song. This song is about dominoes that can’t be stopped. So, just like dominos, follow your heart like the unstoppable dominos. “I like this song and I wanted to show my charming low tone. I wanted to challenge myself to it” said Kai. He also added that this song has a performance that EXO-L would like. Kai also said that “There is choreography, a full dance, it is fantastic. See that during the concert. For EXO-L that aren’t ready to fall for dominoes? Just try falling.”

#4 Come In

Come In is a song that asks someone to be forward and come in when it comes to love. This was the first song that Kai picked for this album because according to him it is a great song to hear. The instrumental is great and it is great for a drive. Kai looks so excited. He also said that there is a choreography for this too. “So get excited about the concert.”

#5 TBH or To Be Honest

To be Honest or TBH. TBH also fits with the title. It is about asking someone to be honest about this vague relationship is. These have all been romantic songs. It is a bright song and just like that this album is sweet like peaches.

#6 Blue

Blue. This song has lo-fi guitar and piano sounds which are different from the previous tracks. It is about feeling blue when you want to be alone but also wants someone to care for your feeling. Kai explained, “When recording this song, I felt really healed when I heard it. The song is heartwarming and the lyrics are relatable. So I listen to it when I feel down.”

Kai Expressed His Feeling Toward EXO-L

EXO’s Kai Just Released “Peaches” and Expressed His Feeling toward EXO-L
Image Source: Twitter @WeareoneEXO

When Kai explained about the song To Be Honest he also expressed his feeling toward EXO-L. He said “If an EXO-L asked me to be honest about this relationship, what I say? But EXO-L and I aren’t vague. We feel the same.”

He promised a lot of things to EXO-L. Kai said that the songs in the album are so great because he only wanted the best quality for his fans. That’s why it took a long time for “Peaches” to choose as the title of the album.

During the live Kai stated “We went through a long process. I got a lot of help from the company so I am thankful. Listening to this song kept making me think of the word Peaches. It was an inspiration for me. I got a lot of ideas from it. The sweetness is about wanting more and more of sweetness. Feeling drowsy from the sweetness about the greed of humans, so that lead to the golden apple. Then I thought about the different gods from the east and west. Thinking about me becoming that god, so the god of peaches this is time. I could be a cute God for “Peaches” unlike “Mmmm”. I thought about a lot of things like this.

Kai Tough EXO-L the Choreography of “Peaches”

EXO’s Kai Just Released “Peaches” and Expressed His Feeling toward EXO-L
Image Source: Twitter @WeareoneEXO

Though the MV hasn’t come out yet, Kai decided to give a spoiler. He said that the song and the choreography were all about peach itself. Kai explained “To pick a peach you have to reach out. Then where do you place it? In your pocket. No. a basket. Grab it, put it in. Grab and then your arms hurt. Oh, there is another one here. You grab. All together. Like this. This is the point dance. Easy, right? It is easy and cute.”

Kai said as soon as he saw the dance, he felt like indeed to do it. “Next, the leaves and bugs are on your shirt, so flick them. That’s it. Put it in brush off. It has a good vibe, right?”

Kai Announced His Solo Concert

During the live countdown, Kai announced great news. He will hold his first solo concert. The concert is on December 12th, at 3 pm through Beyond Live Kai: KLoor will be broadcasted.

“The staff and I have been staying up all night. I learned how hard it is to release an album and do a concert. But we have been staying and trying hard. It will be a new experience for all of us. And since EXO-L are waiting I have prepared a big spoiler for you.”

Kai talked a lot about the album and concert. “I need to give you time to listen to the song and watch the MV. I had so much fun today. It was great for me to look back on the year and today’s live did that. And I am always happy to communicate with you. I was nervous but the hour flew by. I hope will make some great memories for this album. Let’s have fun with my new album “Peaches”. Please show your love and support. I will come to through music programs, content and other things and my concert.”

EXO’s Kai just released “Peaches”, so enjoy guys! Don’t forget to stream and drop your comment!