K-Pop Idols Idolized by Parents in South Korea

Chogiwa – South Korea idols are not only well-known for their talents but also for their beauty. However, it seems like South Korea has their own standard of beauty especially in the eye of parents. Below are the list of K-Pop idols idolized by parents in South Korea. Is one of them your mom’s favorite?

K-Pop Idols Idolized by Parents in South Korea in South Korea

#1 Yoona SNSD

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Though this list is random but it is still necessary to put Yoona’s name in the top of the list. Yoona has everlasting beauty look that loved by parents.

#2 Bae Suzy

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Bae Suzy is one of the K-Pop idol who is now well known as K-Drama actress. Most of her dramas are hit and very popular among parents, especially the mother. Just like Yoona SNSD.


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The reason why Jennie is very popular among parents especially the mothers are due to the long list of advertisement she endores. Her beauty and unique look is the first thing that may catch the eyes of the parents.

#4 Cha Eunwo ASTRO

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Cha Eunwo is well-known for his handsome face which definitely loved by any parents in the world, not only in South Korea. Not only that, any dramas he is starring are all hit and loved by parents, especially the moms.

#5 Taeyeong NCT

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Just like Cha Eunwo, Taeyeong is also well-known for his look. However, they are more than just a pretty face, their talents and their personality as good boys are totally loved by parents.


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Compared to the other member of BLACKPINK, Jisoo with his natural and beauty that represents South Korea is the reasons why she is among the K-Pop idols idolized by parents in South Korea.


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In several occassions, RM has showed himself not only talented but also smart, especially when he give speeches. With that quality, any mom will adore him.

#8 Kai EXO

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Kai is a sweetheart. He is really cool on stage but super sweet off stage. That is a kind of character that every mother would love.

#9 D.O. EXO

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In one episode of Knowing Brows, when EXO appeas as guest during D.O. military service. The members reveals that their moms’ most favorite member is D.O.

#10 Junho 2PM

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The Red Sleeve has introduces Junho to the parents’ world. Through that K-Drama, he became the K-Pop idols idolized by parents in South Korea. In that drama, he showed his ultimat talent as actor as well as potential son in law.

#11 Ryujin ITZY

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Ryujin ITZY is well-known for her bad-girl kind of type on stage. However, just like EXO Kai, she is a total sweetheart when on stage.

#12 Dahyun TWICE

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Dahyun is one is one of the K-Pop idol that becomes parents’ favorite due to some her hilarious appearance in variety show.
So, those are the list of K-Pop idols idolized by parents in South Korea. Is one of them is your parents’ favorite? Or there is more? Write your opinion in the comment.