Controversies of Fromis_9 Revealed Following Jang Gyuri’s Decision to Leave the Group

Controversies of Fromis_9 Revealed
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Chogiwa – August 28th, 2022 Pledis Entertainment officially announced that Jang Gyuri has decided leave Fromis_9. Surprisingly fans supported her decision due to some controversies of Fromis_9 revealed following her decision. They wished that Jang Gyuri’s departure will make her acting career brighter than when she’s still part of the group.

Controversies of Fromis_9 Revealed
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Controversies of Fromis_9 Revealed

Fromis_9 debuted on January 8, 2018. The name Fromis given by fans which stands for “From Idol School” and 9 is the number of the member. Since the beginning there are some controversies Fromis_9 has gained, such as:

#1 Fromis_9 Debuted through Vote Manipulation

In 2019 PD Note MBC broadcasted, Lee Haein revealed the fact that PD Idol Schools has decided the lineup of Fromis_9 regardless the voting result. In other words, the lineup has been decided from the very beginning.

Since then, fans have lost sympathy to Fromis_9. Anything related to this group has been associated as “Cheating Group”.

#2 Lee Saerom’s Statement “I’m Tired to Death”

“I’m tired to death” and “I need to go home quickly” are two normal statements. However, those statement were said by Lee Saerom, the leader of Fromis_9 in the beginning of V Live broadcast and overheard by fans.

It happened on February 12th, 2022. At the time Lee Saerom said that, she didn’t aware that the broadcast has gone live and thousands of excited fans have been waiting for them online. Those two statements must have caused heartache to fans who heard them. Though later Saerom explained the real context of those statements but the damage has been done. They have been considered to be careless with their words.

#3 Fromis_9 Faced Backlash after Winning against TWICE’s Nayeon

On July 7, 2022 Fromis_9 has won first place in Mnet’s “M Countdown” after TWICE’s Nayeon. Instead of a congratulation, the scores received by Fromis_9 once again were questioned. It was because the M countdown scores were ‘strange’ in some aspects.

First was how Fromis_9 could achieve perfect score on digital and physical when the fact is Nayeon has higher ranking in music charts. At that time, Nayeon has ranked fourth in the top of 100 MeLon and at the same time, Fromis_9 didn’t even make it to the top 100. Not only that, Nayeon also ranked seventh on the Billboard main chart while Fromis_9 was nowhere near that.

#4 Negative Sentiment from Public “Fromis_9 Is Careless with Their Words”

It seems like Lee Saerom’s with her controversial statement wasn’t enough. Another two members, Jang Gyuri and Lee Chaeyoung were also considered careless with their words. During TMI News, both of them called Bang Sihyuk, CEO Big Hit Music as “our president”. Though Pledis Entertainment is under HYBE Labeles, still it is not appropriate for them to call Bang Sihyuk as “our president” when there is Han Sungsoo as the CEO of Pedis Entertainment.

That is why fans gave their supports to Jang Gyuri following her decision to leave the group. Those are due to the controversies of Fromis_9 revealed since the very beginning of the group debut. Despite the fact of a lot of people want them to disband, until today Fromis_9 is still active as a group.