EXO Xiumin’s Solo “Brand New” Confirmed to Release on September 26th

EXO Xiumin’s Solo “Brand New”
Image Source: Twitter @weareone

Chogiwa – Good news come from EXO yesterday that EXO Xiumin’s solo “Brand New” confirmed to release on September 26th. EXO Xiumin has dropped some spoilers regarding his solo project early this year. Fans have been patiently waiting the day to come.

EXO Xiumin’s Solo “Brand New”
Image Source: Twitter @weareone

EXO Xiumin’s Solo “Brand New” Confirmed

Regarding EXO’s hiatus due to some members go to fulfil their mandatory military service, EXO remains top group in K-Pop world. Xiumin himself has served his military duty back in 2019 and was released in December 2020. Since then, fans have been waiting his solo project.

Xiumin’s solo project is one of the highly anticipated projects this year from EXO. Though it has been announced since August but the details just released yesterday, September 4th. The new album entitled “Brand New” with flowery trail that suggest a calming and serene feel for the album, which is really Xiumin. This album will be officially released on September 26th and the pre-orders start on Monday

Among EXO member, Xiumin is the oldest member but the one the quiet one. Compared to the ‘hyung’ line such as Suho, Lay, Baekhyun and Chen, Xiumin is the member with no solo project yet. That is why “Brand New” is something that fans have been waiting for, especially for Elsa, Xiumin’s fandom.

EXO Xiumin’s Solo “Brand New”
Image Source: @SMTOWN

What Is “Brand New”?

So far, there is no further information yet about EXO Xiumin’s solo “Brand New” except for the new poster teaser and the release date. However, it is enough to raise people’s interest toward his solo project.

Xiumin debuted with EXO back in 2012 as the EXO member. He is going to be the seventh member with solo album project after Baekhyun, Chen, Suho, Lay, Kai and D.O. “Brand New” is going to be Xiumin’s first solo album but it is not his first project. Xiumin has been released several songs via SM STATION and some drama OSTs.

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