SuperM’s Comeback with A Full-Packed Debut Album Super One

SuperM’s Comback
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Chogiwa – Less than a year when SuperM officially released Jopping and shocked the worldwide music industry by becoming the second South Korea’s group that successfully hit No. 1 on the Billboard 200 after BTS, and this September 2020, unlike Jopping which was released in EP, SuperM will come back with their first full-packed debut album.

This year, SuperM, which is also well known as The Avangers KPop, will present the fans with their highly-anticipated comeback with more satisfying project called Super One, a full-packed album which is expected to be fully released on September 25th.

To tease their fans, SuperM has released the first single 100 on August 14th, and the next single Tiger Inside will be released tomorrow, September 1st, with the epic MV teaser released on YouTube today, just a day before the official MV released.

100 itself has reached 15 million views since it was officially released two weeks ago and still counting while the teaser MV of Tiger Inside just hit 500 thousand only in three hours after releasing.

Surely, it is beyond imagination, what SuperM will achieve after the official release of MV Tiger Inside tomorrow or even after the album fully released in four weeks; the teaser itself has tell you almost everything you need to know about how amazing their album will become.

SuperM was officially created in 2019 and made their official debut in the United States.

superm super one
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It is a joint project between SM Entertainment and U.S. label Capitol Records, which is also the house of some world-class singers such as Katty Perry and Sam Smith.

The The group was introduced with seven members who already well-known for their talents through their original debut group such as Taemin from SHINee, Baekhyun and Kai from EXO, Taeyong and Mark from NCT 127, and Lucas and Ten from WayV.

This project is also the strong representation of how the fandom could be a strong unit because SuperM itself is like a big family consists of members who come from different group.

This time, with SuperM’s comeback, not only the SuperM fans that will be satisfied but also EXO’s fandom EXO-L, SHINee’s fandom Shawol and NCT’s fandom NCTzen.

The concept offered is really cool, still with the same energetic music like the previous EP but with more powerful performance.

SuperM is once again targeting American market and music industry by marking their first-time television performance live from Good Morning America on August 20th performing “100”. As usual they charmed viewers with their impressive acts and performances.   

Some critics say that targeting American market for K-Pop group is kind of risky because most group will start from Korea first before expanding their promotion overseas.

However, history has been made that SuperM has accomplished the most impossible mission last year by hitting No. 1 in Billboard 200 with their Jopping.

100” performance from Good Morning America is just small steps that proof SuperM will be able to accomplish the next mission with even more successful achievement.

SuperM’s Super One will become the mega project that will please everyone ears even those who are hard to satisfy with their amazing and powerful performance.

Just stay tune to keep yourself updated with the recent news of SuperM’s comeback.