Three EXO’s Members Trending in Twitter – What’s Going On?

Three EXO’s Trending Twitter
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Chogiwa – Three EXO’s members, Chen, Baekhyun and Kai became trending in Twitter. What’s going on?

This August itself, the three members of EXO, Chen (Jongdae), Baekhyun and recently Kai have become trending in Twitter.

After Chen’s marriage and the birth of his first daughter in April 2020, he became the hatred target of antis or the short of anti-fans just because he is a happily married and being a happy father.

Due to that issue hastag #SMProtectChen became the trending for some times.

Since then, fans were wondering where Chen was because somehow, he just disappeared from the public.

However, to celebrate BoA’s 20th Debut Anniversary, Chen appeared congratulating the Queen of K-Pop for her anniversary.

He was among SM artists who appear in a video that created as the special video project called “You’re Still My Number.1”.

Because of his appearance, Chen became trending again in twitter, this time with hastag #Jongdae became No.1 trending in Twitter. Jongdae is the Korean name of Chen, Kim Jong-dae.

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Not only that, some good news followed after that, Chen will participate in singing the original soundtrack of one of the most anticipated SBS’s new drama “Do You Like Brahms” along with Heize and Taeyeon from Girls’ Generation.

The next member that became trending in Twitter is Baekhyun with hastag #ForeverWithBaekhyun.

The hastag appeared after a video from Instagram live showing a tired and sleepy Baekhyun during his schedule promoting SuperM’s new debut album Super One.

Fans were worrying the health condition of Baekhyun and the hastag was a form of support created by fans to keep supporting him.

As the member of EXO and leader of SuperM, Baekhyun may get a lot of supports from fans of both fandoms.

After Baekhyun, Kai is the next EXO member that became trending in Twitter with hastag #SMSupportKai.

The hastag created by fans to support Kai who recently received criticism and hate from anti-fans on Weibo; the largest social media platform in China.

The hate and criticism were varying from Kai’s appearance up to his color. Not only some insulting words, Kai also received death threat that was not only affecting him mentally but also his family.

Unfortunately, due to the fact that the anti-fans are using Weibo to spread negativity toward Kai, there is no such action from SM Entertainment to protect him.

That is why hastag #SMProtectKai became trending since August 31st. Until now, still there is no response from SM related to this matter.

Kai whose real name is Kim Jong-in debuted in 2012 with EXO. He is well-known for his visual and take role as the center of the group in where he will be the face who appear for the first time in most of MVs or choreographies.

Kai also chosen by Gucci as their global ambassador in 2019 and make him as the first male global ambassador from South Korea.

Kai is currently busy promoting his new comeback with SuperM and fans decided to use the mentioned hastag along with #ForeverWithKai to give more positive vibes to support him and Baekhyun promoting Super One with SuperM.