Roaring Your Inner Wildness with SuperM Tiger Inside

SuperM Tiger Inside

Chogiwa – Finally, the most anticipated MV has been released. Baekhyun and his SuperM squad just roaring with their newest MV Tiger Inside.

This MV is the second song they introduce before the full-packed album Super One which is expected to be released on September 25th.

Less than 5 hours, the view has hit 2 million views from around the world only in YouTube. While other MVs might need days to hit that number.

Tiger Inside is a song that emphasized by lyrics about “let’s bring out the inner wildness hidden inside to overcome whatever hard things you face in the world”.

Just a great massage among all the craziness we’ve been facing today.

Even during the countdown Mark willingly translated the massage they want to share with the song, he said that “Tiger Inside is a song with unique oriental theme that reminds you of the roaring sound of wild beast. We want to include everyone to bring out the inner wildness to overcome the hard work you face

The choreography is super impressive with signature moves which are the representation of tiger along with the wild beast sound.

As always Kai becomes the center of the group, his position during the impressive choreography is mostly in the centre in the whole MV just sometimes replaced by Ten, who is also having killer skill in dancing.

No one can deny the fact that this choreography will never be complete without Kai and Ten as the couple of dancing machines.

Aside from that, Taeyeong is super cool with his “vroom vroom” and the “rrrrrooarr” sound while rapping at the same time, completed with his yellow tiger-like outfit and animal-printed motorcycle. Just the highlight of the MV.

The concept itself is really unique with oriental theme combining the color red and white to represent fire and iced concept. In the beginning you could see Mark with his bright color and red background starting the song with his impressive rapping skill.

And then Baekhyun, acting as the Iced King with white dominated the background singing effortlessly beautiful. Along with Taemin, they hit the high note part perfectly.

Not only that, this song is also highlighted the rapping skills of Mark, Taeyong and of course Lucas with his “Bring it on, bring it on” part. Something you cannot help but nodding your head with the beat.

Tiger Inside is the complete package from SuperM, you could see it from its unique concept, impressive choreography, entertaining music and amazing massage of the lyric. There is no way, you could stay still while listening to this song.

Without you need it, you are roaring with them and bringing the inner wildness out.

Fun fact: for EXO-L or EXO fans, they would not let go the fact that this song has unique lyric such as the word “growl” which is the English for 으르렁; the song that became the breakthrough of EXO in 2013.

Well, let’s just say, another history is in the making. Just stay tuned with us for more updates from SuperM.