How BTS’s Dynamite Beat SuperM’s 100 and Blackpink’s Ice Cream?


August 2020 is probably the busiest weeks in KPop music industry, there are a lot of comebacks and collaborations that have been highly anticipated. There are three big groups that happened to be releasing their MVs almost at the same time.

The unique thing is, those three big groups have the same aim which is conquering the Western music industry with their KPop.

Who are they?

In August 14th, SuperM has released their first MV’s 100, followed by BTS with their Dynamite in August 21stand then a week after that, in August 28th, there was Blackpink ft Selena Gomez with their Ice Cream.  

And the winner is BTS’s Dynamite.

But why? There are a lot of speculation over that things. Does BTS has the most powerful fandom? Or we just overestimated of Selena Gomez? Does SuperM too eager in making another history?

Is it because Dynamite is BTS’s first English song? Well, Ice Cream is also an English song. Though 100 is not entirely English but most lyric is also in English. So, what is going on?

Nevertheless, the data said it all. BTS’s Dynamite has broken a record of the most viewed YouTube premiere. Dynamite also get more than 100 million views within 24 hours in YouTube only. In MTV Video Music Awards, they won four awards for Best Pop, Best K-Pop, Best Group and Best Choreography.

The strongest point of BTS’s Dynamite is from it’s simple but yet super classy concept and of course their signature energetic choreography. The concept comes with easy listening lyric that reminds you a bit of Bruno Mars’ Uptown Funk. You could even sing along with them just after you heard the first chorus.

You may get the same retro and classic vibe from Blackpink’s Ice Cream but you may see that the concept of Blackpink’s Ice Cream is not for everyone. What you could expect from an MV which is started with Selena Gomez driving an ice cream truck in a bikini? Sexy? Sensual? Well, some people might find it a little bit awkward.

While SuperM’s 100 is probably offering a heavier concept that somehow just didn’t fit with the recent trend in Western music industry. The bright red and white concept with the touch of oriental theme and a lot of rapping in the lyric might please some people but definitely not everyone.

Otherwise, BTS’s Dynamite is giving you a cheerful vibe from both the music and the lyric. The retro style they offer is not as complicated as Blackpink’s sugary fashion treats. The lyric is not as heavy as SuperM’s 100 but super cheerful.

While listening to Dynamite, you can’t help yourself but humming along with them singing something like “shining through the city with the little funk and soul, so I’mma light it up like dynamite, wooah” followed by the “Dynna nana nana, life is dynamite”. Just a perfect song to enjoy your summer night with friends or by yourself, since all the craziness during this pandemic kept you lock inside your home.

In my opinion, the simplicity of BTS’s Dynamite is the strongest point that make them winner this time.

Who is waiting for their next breakthrough after Dynamite? Well, me is definitely and I’m not even an Army.