EXO Is Probably in Hiatus but 2020 Is Still A Busy Year for the Members

suho schedule

Chogiwa – Despite of being hiatus as a group, EXO’s members are still among those idols who are having busy schedule in 2020. Even those who are in military were also busy showing off their talents.

EXO might be impossible to perform in a unit due to three of the members are in military now and Lay is in China.

The five members left, Baekhyun, Chanyeol, Sehun, Chen and Kai might not be able to perform as a unit but aside from that, 2020 is still becoming the busy year for all of them.


suho schedule

In January, Suho as the leader joined a theatrical musical project entitled The Man Who Laugh.

Then in March 2020, Suho released his mini album Self Potrait with Let’s Love as the title track. Even before he went to fulfil his duty in military on May 14th, Suho along with Chanyeol still had time to take part in a reality show Heart4U on April 2020.

D.O and Xiumin

Do & Xiumin

In June – July 2020, D.O and Xiumin though they are currently serving in military, they were also busy performing in military musical entitled Return: The Promise of the Day, showing off their ultimate acting talents in a theatre.



Baekhyun is probably the busiest among them all, in early January he released My Love an OST for Dr. Romantic 2 along with Chanyeol who was once again duet with Punch with Go Away, Go Away, an OST for the same drama. In February 2020, Baekhyun continued with another OST On The Road for drama Hyena.

In April 2020, Baekhyun was selected as brand ambassador of Korean’s cosmetic Tirtir and in the next month he became the cover of Korean’s W magazine for May Issue.

Baekhyun’s collaboration with BOL4 entitled Leo also released in May followed by his second EP solo album Delight, with title track Candy. Delight broke a record as the first solo artist who sold over one million copies in 19 years. The last record belongs to Kim Gun-mo in 2001.

Following his commercial success and hectic schedule, Baekhyun still appeared in reality show Amazing Saturday in Julywith other fellow members, Kai and Chanyeol.

In 31 July 2020 as part of Our Beloved BoA Project to celebrate BoA’s 20th Debut Anniversary, Baekhyun released the live video MV singing one of BoA’s hit single, Garden in the Air.

August 2020 is probably the peak of Baekhyun’s schedule when he and his SuperM squad released their debut full-packed album Super One with Tiger Inside as the title track and 100 as a teaser track. SuperM also performed in Good Morning America and currently promoting their new album until it is fully released this September 25th.

Aside from his busy schedule with SuperM, Baekhyun still have time and energy to participate in singing OST for the newest Park Bo-gum’s drama Record of Youth and will join the virtual concert held by Overpass in September 26th as part of charity concert along with some fellow KPop Idols such as Mino from Winner and Grey.



Besides Baekhyun, Chanyeol is also the second busiest member in this year. With EXO-SC 1 Billion Views released in July 2020 and the remix version ft DJ Mar Vista which was released in August 2020, Chanyeol is one of the musicians with a lot of collaboration projects in this year.

In January, Chanyeol has duet project with Punch singing Go Away, Go Away, the OST for Dr. Romantic 2. In May, Chanyeol has collaboration project with DJ Raiden ft. Lee Hi in a song entitled Yours.

In the next month, June he also participated in Lee Sun-hee’s comeback project singing Regards. Still in the same month, Chanyeol released his first audio cinema project entitled My Heart is Beating, as a lead role, Bae Gu-soo where he lent his voice along with actress Lee Se Young.

Not only that, in August, Chanyeol also released Ocean View¸ a song he collaborated with Rothy and just yesterday, September 3rd, he released Faded, a project he has with Devine Channel ft Loppy.

Chanyeol also appeared in several variety shows, such as Heart4U in April 2020 along with Suho, and in July 2020, he also appeared in Amazing Saturday with Baekhyun and Kai.

In July 31st, Chanyeol has been confirmed to join The Box which will be released next year. The Box is going to be Chanyeol’s Korean movie debut where he is not only acting but also participating in writing the music. The shooting has been started in August 2020.

Aside from being busy with his music and movie project, Chanyeol also has been selected as Korean’s cosmetic brand ambassador, NACIFIC.



Along with Chanyeol, one of the big projects Sehun has in 2020 is 1 Billion Views which released in July 13th 2020. Sehun sang alone in one of the tracks entitled On Me which was also released in the form of MV on July 9th.

In May 2020, Sehun became the brand spokesperson of Dr. Jart+ in China region. Dr. Jart+ is a South Korean skin care brand.

Before Chanyeol has been confirmed to be part of a movie project, in June 2020 Sehun has stated that he will take role in a movie entitled The Pirates: Goblin Flag; a sequel which once achieved commercial success. In this movie, Sehun will act along with Han Hyo-joo, Kang Ha-neul, Lee Kwang-soo, Kwon Sang-woo and many more.



Since September 2019, Kai has become Gucci’s global ambassador. Due to his role, he has been participating in some Gucci’s events around the world representing this global brand and became the first male model from South Korea who represents Gucci globally.

In December 2019, British GQ magazine also released a annual list of The 50 Best-Dressed Men of 2020 where Kai were in seventh position where he beat some famous names such as Troye Sivan, Rami Malek and Harry Styles.

In April 2020, Kai became the cover of Elle Korean magazine April Issue and in July, SM confirmed that Kai will be the next EXO’s member who will have a solo album project after Suho, Baekhyun and EXO-SC.

During August – September 2020, along with fellow member Baekhyun, Kai who is also part of SuperM is currently busy promoting their first debut full-packed album Super One which will be released this September 25th.



Chen is probably the quietest of them all in 2020 especially after his marriage in January and the born of his first daughter in April 2020. He probably has been enjoying his new role as a happily married man and happy father.

Due to that, Chen was somehow disappearing from the public, only appeared once in a while when he congratulated BoA for her 20th Debut Anniversary and his short video was enough to make him as the trending topic in twitter with hastag #Jongdae. That was a solid proof how fans have been missing him all this time. 

One more good news came from Chen, he is also being participating in singing OST from the newest and one of the most highly anticipated SBS’s drama Do You Like Brahms?. Our King of OST is just coming back.



Lay may have been focusing on his solo activities such as music and acting as well as his US debut in 2018. Nevertheless, he is still part of EXO, though it’s been years he has not been participating in any EXO project.

Just like any EXO members, though Lay has been doing it by himself, he is still shining like a diamond. Since his raising of popularity in 2017, he is been working in so many projects.

In June 2020, Lay released his fourth solo album LIT which reached success commercially in China.

Lay also has been participating in several variety shows and survival shows in China such as in May 2020 Lay became the main cast of variety show Go Fighting (season 6) as well as mentor in singer/songwriter survival show CZR II.

In June 2020, Lay joined a variety show similar to Produce 101 in Korea entitled We Are Young, whereas he took part as mentor while in July 2020, he also became a mentor in variety show of Street Dance of China.

Lay also been participating in Chinese Drama Challenge at Midnight which will be aired next year.

After D.O, Xiumin and Suho, more member will be enlisted to join military soon such as Chanyeol, Baekhyun and Chen, and later on will be followed by Sehun and Kai. Though EXO might not perform as complete unit until at least 2024, fans have been anticipating their huge comeback in 2025 along with Lay to complete the EXO OT9 unit.