Top Ten Most Beautiful KPop Light Stick

kpop lightstick
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Chogiwa – Attending KPop concert is probably one of the experiences each KPoper should have because during the live concert is the best time for fans to interact directly with the idols. Before pandemic era, Korea is one of the countries with a very busy schedule of live concert.

Among a lot of preparations that a Kpoper should have before attending a live concert, there is one important item that shouldn’t be missed; it is a light stick.

The unique thing about light stick is each KPop group may have its own design of light stick and below is the list of the most beautiful light stick. The list is in random orders but still those light sticks are the top ten pick by the writer.

#1. Blackpink

blackpink official lighstick

Blackpink has hammer bong or Bbyong Bong for their fandom, BLINK. The design is very unique which is similar to squeaky hammer but with colours that represent Blackpink which is black and pink. This stick is designed personally by the members.

#2. Twice

twice lightstick

Once is the name of fandom of Twice and Once has Candy Bong; a light stick which design is really pretty resembles a candy. The design and the name of the light stick is inspired by one Twice’s song Candy Boy.


exo lightstick

Exo light stick is also well known as Pharynx or Aeri bong or the stick of Aeri. Aeri itself named usually used by EXO members to call EXO-L. The design is simple but futuristic with EXO logo which has 12 colours of the light that could be controlled by central system.

#4. Red Velvet

red velvet lightstick

Unlike the beautiful design of the light stick, Red Velvet has unique and funny story when named it as Kim Man Bong. According to them, the design looks alike kimchi dumpling or Kimchi mandu Eungwon-bong. That’s the name of Kim Man Bong came from.

#5. Stray Kids

straykids lightstick

Stray Kids’ light stick is very unique dominated with two colours, white and red. They named it Nachimbong which came from the combination of two Korean words which has literal meaning a compass and a rod.

#.6 BTS

bts lightstick

Unlike the other group, BTS’s ARMY Bomb didn’t use the logo of the group but focuses on the symbolic design of the light stick which resembles bomb-shaped which closer to the meaning of ARMY, the fandom, instead of the BTS itself.

#.7 Got7

got7 lightstick

Got7 also has a unique light stick which inspired by their fandom name IGOT7 which in Korean the sounds of the word is similar to “baby bird”. That’s how the design of bird-shaped inspired from.

#8. Ateez

ateez lightstick

Ateez also came up with a very unique and beautiful design of light stick for their fandom ATINY. The name of the light stick itself is LIGHTINY which is a combination of the world Light and Destiny.

#9. Apink

apink lightstick

Apink also has been inspired by their fandon name Panda when they decided to design the light stick which they called Panda bong.

#10. SuperM

superM lightstick

The focus of the SuperM’s light stick design is the logo of the group. However, since SuperM did most of their promotion in the US, instead of only SuperM light stick, during their live performance, you will also be able to find light stick of EXO, NCT, SHINee and WayV since the members came from those groups.

Light stick is already becoming an important aspect during a live concert. The design itself showed you the reasons that it is not only representing the logo of each Kpop group but in some points also being the important part of the concert itself because without which the ocean of people will look dull without the light stick.