Solid Proofs that Lay Zhang Is Still with EXO

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Chogiwa – It has been years for Lay to not participating in any EXO’s project. Since 2015 when SM stated that Lay would pursue his solo career in China, he has been really busy expanding his horizon by showing off his ultimate talents not only in music but also in motion picture.

Besides Kyungsoo, Lay is member of EXO with a very long list of movie and drama project. In China itself, Lay has been well known as a respectable idol, musician, actor and dancer. It could be seen from his participation in several variety shows in China.

There are some variety shows in China that Lay has been part of whether as cast or mentor. One of the variety shows that Lay took part as main cast is Go Fighting. This is a game-variety-reality show that is probably similar to Running Man in Korea.

And then there is We Are Young, a variety show similar to Produce 101 where Lay, as a respectable idol, took part as a mentor and then there is also Street Dance of China. In EXO, along with Kai, Lay is well known for his dance moves which always on point, in this variety show, he also took part as a mentor.

As a talented and respectable musician, Lay also has been part of variety show I’m CZR II or I am Singer Songwriter. It is one of the high rating variety shows in China whereas the cast members will compete, no only to perform the new or unreleased song but also responsible to compose it from scratch in certain limited time.

One of the touching stories that Lay shared during the shooting of I’m CZR II is where in of the episode (ep from May 22nd, 2020) where all the competitors are sitting on the table, Lay suddenly took out his phone and showed it around the table, bragging about all the best time he had with EXO.

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One of the female member asked him about his phone’s wallpaper and Lay proudly said that “Yes, my lock screen is also them”.

He also showed his phone to the producer who sat next to him, once again told him about EXO “My group. It’s them”.

Lay continued telling the members about EXO, “When we’re in Korea, we’re often get together”.

Not stopping there, Lay showed his phone back and said “Look, my screensaver is also my members”.

“When we’re together, we always feel like ‘Hey, we’ve spent so much time together’, and we would talk about the old days. Then we just do more talk, eat, play around and have some drinks”

When Xiumin did a fan meeting before his enlistment, Lay video-called him and then sang ‘Promise’ together with the fans; a song he has composed along with fellow members Chanyeol and Chen which is specially dedicated for EXO-L.

Promise itself is more than just a song for both EXO and EXO-L; it is literally a promise that both EXO and EXO-L have made and should be kept because ‘We Are One’ forever.

When D.O enlisted after Xiumin, Lay went to Korea just to send him off. Though he didn’t come to send Suho off but he dedicated his IG story especially for Suho to support him.

It is obvious that though, it’s been years for Lay not participating in EXO’s project, but there is no doubt that he is still part of EXO. His brotherhood with the rest of EXO members is unquestionable.

Because Lay still referred EXO as “My Group”.